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13th Days cycle empowered by the frequency of both: Multidimensional healing and hearth Medicine

Maria, AYA Pacha Co~founder

2/9/20237 min read

Ancestral Energies, the relevance of knowing the Energy taste

The Sacred and Classic Mayan calendar: Cholq'ij or Tzolkin is the most precise description of the energies creating our reality. It sounds intense, to me, it feels so relevant, so big and so necessary to start tapping into a cyclical perception that takes into account both: feminine and masculine energies. This is what Cholq'ij offers, a description of 20 Solar Ancient Energies moving and creating in feminine cycles of 13 days. When you start aligning your life to the energies that are available day by day, you start remembering deeper layers of reality. Tzolkin reminds human beings: we are from the stars as much as we are from mama Earth.

Since I received the Mayan Calendar in 2019 I've been working with it not just in ceremony, 121 energy healing work, but really and mostly in my daily flow. Created through sky observation by Mayan elders, long ago, the Mayan Calendar is a gift from the time when the visit of our galactic siblings blessed our mother planet for magic to remind us: we are part of One Galaxy. A Sacred technology for human beings to evolve as One with the Galaxy became available, opening up nine different energies every day for you to relate, honour and play.

Photo by: Benson Truong

A trecena (13Na) What is and where it comes from
person holding dried beans
person holding dried beans

The Sacred and Classic Mayan calendar: Cholq'ij or Tzolkin reflects the harmony of complementary energies that we observe all around through the expansion of life. Cosmic flow from the stars, communicating, emerging with telluric energies from mother Earth, dancing in love through you, through us.

20 Solar energies support life creation, consciously or unconsciously this is happening but, when you start growing your awareness you can start mastering your life masterpiece creation too in collaboration with Ancient Energies.

We observe these 20 energies in the human body too in the fingers of our hands and in the toes of our feet. Those parts of our body that express outside support us to get to know life. As we go as we unfold we can taste everything through our own perception and this last one will shape the reality we create. Then, we got 13th principal joints in our body. Internal feminine parts of our body support us to move and dance creation.

Now, we observe the same inside the Classic Mayan ways. 20 energies flowing in feminine cycles through the same order again and again. The key here will be the number, the potency of the energy.

Image by: Pablo Merchán Montes

Download HERE my FREE Playbook to learn some more about the numbers and their potency meaning, according to a Shamanic perception of reality.

Every one of the 20 Ancestral Energies has what I like to call: Medicine. The way this configuration unfolds is called a trecena (13Na) a cycle of 13th days with a vibrational purpose. Each energy will offer its own 13Na that will start when the potency accompanying the number is 1.

The result of 20 cycles (One for each Solar Energy) of 13th days is a calendar of 260 days (20 x 13 = 260). In Mayan and Toltec traditions, we observe this as the time required for us to be woven and become human beings in the Cosmic Womb of the Galactic Mother. When you start flowing with this Time~Space perception, you open your wings to a continuos process of evolution and transformation.

Today 09/02/23, for example, we have the energy of 1IQ (one IQ, Maya Kiche name), therefore the whole cycle will be orchestrated by this initial energy and every following one will support this initial purpose with its own medicine.

"As above so below"
Purpose, Vibratory tendency of IQ
shallow focus of white dandelion
shallow focus of white dandelion

Every Ancestral Energy, just like everything in the Universe, is also related to an element. I've observed this changing in between different shamanic traditions I've studied with. For this reason, I invite you to read and receive what I share with you with curious eyes, but most importantly: feel what is true for you. This may feel like a resonance, a confirmation, an inner reaction. Then, always feel free to release what doesn't serve you. Having said that, let's dive into some IQ Ancestral background.

According to Mayan Kiche tradition, we relate IQ Ancestral Energy to the hummingbird spirit guide. One capable to support deep and great energy release.

So dear Sky and Earth explorer, my questions for you, here and now:

What is stagnating your light to express as you become? What are you ready to release? What has been stuck for already too long?

Now you know, the next time you perform your medicinal work, call in for IQ Humminbird wings for support, her multidimensional capacities will allow Ancestral healing as for is the only bird capable of travelling in between the 4th different directions, in the same way, within IQ days, those Alchemists who know how to perform energy work can potentiate this with IQ support.

Photo By: Saad Chaudhry

Last but def not least... Hummingbird is also the embodiment of hearth medicine, and let me remind you about the Hopi prophecy, that time when the Eagle (North of Gaia) will elegantly fly with the Condor (South of mama) as One, awakening from the hearth, hummingbird medicine reminding us the Unity dance. This is part of Cacao (hearth medicine too) expanding so far and so fast, now and again. We are remembering the Ancient Shamanic ways.

AYA Pacha Suggestions to make the most of your Hummingbird Dance
green and black humming bird flying
green and black humming bird flying

If I had to choose one word to describe IQ trecena (13Na) it will be Transformation! This sacred bird heals deeply, with the beauty of her existence and with the power of her multidimensional flow. For this reason, here are my top 5 recommendations to approach, relate and work with IQ Ancient Energy.

  1. Pranayama: practising breathing exercises, an integrated technology we can tap into through conscious choice. Working with awareness and the power of your breathing to cleanse your body, while tapping into IQ Ancestral Energy.

  2. Release: Is only when we open to let go of what is no longer needed that we create space for new energy, new exciting opportunities, and new relationships that align with who we are in the now. Practice conscious release during these 13th days. How can you honour that which is not an energetic match any longer? Working with the elements is always my preferred way to do so.

  3. Contemplation: within the fast spinning of creation, allowing yourself a moment of pause is definitely what I'll describe as Organic Luxury, like our beautiful hummingbird who pauses, from flower to flower, stopping for a moment in order to breathe the sweet nectar of life. Practice contemplation, you may be in wonder of the teachings offered by Mother Nature, because remember hummingbird: Beauty IS a healing force.

  4. Drinking Cacao! Of course, hearth medicine potentiated with more of the same. According to the Sacred Mayan Tradition, we can find a recipe to work with every one of the Ancestral Energies. These recipes had been safeguarded over time and the chaos of colonization. Therefore, I want to thank the Mayan people for keeping safe information that has full potential for liberation. These recipes allow you to work and potentiate every energy with the support of Cacao Power Plant. Remember hummingbird, you are a fractal of the one consciousness, although you got your own energy blueprint depending on the day you were born, you also behold the 20 energies inside of you. Having the full potential of activating every single through conscious energy work. The recipe for IQ days and work is Cacao made in an infusion of eucalyptus. Fresh and wild, this recipe will give you wings to fly. Important Note: Make sure to find edible leaves to work with, same if you do with an Essential oil as not all are for oral ingestion.

    Want to get deeper with every energy and Cacao Medicine? for your own balance, for sharing the medicine of cosmic connection with those you serve? Download my Inspirational diary that comes with all the Mayan recipes for you to start getting deeper and more creative with Cacao Master Plant and Ancient Wisdom and Love.

  5. Finally, a little more complex suggestion. To make sure you make the most of this cycle, let's practice some multidimensional healing by writing a healing letter through the lens of your inner child, who knows, maybe you are inspired to allow the voice of your teen too. If you store hard feelings around your childhood like I used to, this is extra recommended! Sit for a moment, with your Cacao and the correspondent recipe (I highly recommend it), and breathe into your solar plexus, steady and with intention of connecting with these facets of yourself. After you've done so, allow yourself to write without judging what comes, with acceptance and love. Those are the keys to transformation. After you've completed your ritual, allow yourself to offer the letter(s) to grandfather Fire or mama Water, with the power of IQ, may your past be released. To seal the practice I suggest creating a commitment to these aspects of your being, maybe more attention in your process of creation, maybe more play time you can offer yourself to have and choose based on your current unmet needs. In this way you'll feed yourself before your child gets discontent all over the place, asking others what you require to return to balance again and again.

Photo by: By Zdeněk Macháček

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