Expand with the Brand.

This is what we encourage our Ambassadors to do. As we remember our role inside the tribe.

We started as 3 members family, we are growing into more protectors around the Abuelo Fuego (grandfather Fire).

Those who accept the courageous (From Courage, Latin roots Cor = Heart = Corazon, that which is moved by the heart space and intelligence) Cacao call.

Warriors who understand that healing with Plant Medicines beholds a deeper purpose of joining worlds once again. Answering an ancient call of supporting brothers and sisters beholding the Ancient ways with courage and commitment to sharing Cacao Healing Art in a way that benefits the whole.

AYA Pacha Cacao Ambassadors

Our strength lies in our individuality, our power lies in our interconnectedness. We are eternally grateful and so very proud of everyone we accept to become one of us.

Nicola Cook

Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator

Chris and Tasha

Shamanic Healers

Ilona Dovey

Shamanic Artist and Kambo Practitioner

Working with the Moon

Personal Development, Easy Astrology and Magic
United States

Our mission

We're on a mission to change a paradigm of Food, Healing and Love. We are inspired by two things: 1) thriving with the people working directly with the land as well as 2) Creating powerful, delicious and magical Food Medicines for our worldwide community to heal with medicine that is Ceremonially embraced in every step.

Our vision

We believe we are here to hold space for the New Earth already available for many by the free will of daily aligned action. We understand our responsibility in the web of life and own our actions as part of a whole. When everyone takes ownership of their part, the world becomes a playground where service is what grounds us into success. This is what AYA Pacha is here to model.