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Cacao Ancestral from Origin Equatorial Andean Medicine


Pure state of existence, Consciousness, Bliss

Created with Passion from Pacha Mama's Equator, through the perpendicular impact of Taita Inti (Father Sun, Kichwa)
Cacao, Medicina del Corazon, hearth Medicine
HampiK KampiK / Cacao Medicine (Kichwa)

Cacao reminds our humanity, our Quintaessence


AYA Pacha was born in 2022. A hearth intuition to expand the roots of my ancestry. A call from mama to protect and steward her ancestral medicines for the healing of our humanity, for generations ahead.

AYA Pacha is made with Passion on my healing journey. Shared with the world. Starting with my family and expanding to any one seeking authentic medicine from Ecuador, Paraiso Chiquito, little paradise.

Carbon 14 studies have revealed the origin of the Ancestral Cacao tradition from the South East of Ecuador. The culture Mayo Chinchipe Maranon was found to widely create with Cacao medicine for: healing, ceremonial and nutritional purposes.

We believe that disconnection from Mother Nature is the cause of unbalances. By recognizing the roots and origin of the food we intake we honour the ancestry that gave us birth. Taking decisions considering 13 generations into the future is what Shamanic traditions offer us to evolve in harmony.

During 2023 we've created our Shamanic Cacao Lab at Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where we take care of the post harvesting process.

Our intention is to protect ancestral practices so that the world can taste authentic medicine from the center of Pacha Mama.

Your primal nature is to be Wild and Spiritual

We dream on a world where everyone knows who they are

Where we all can hold our roles in the web of life so that everything flows with more ease for the whole

Hippocrates, and AYA <3

May your food be..
Your very first Medicine.
Alchemist <3
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CACAO Artivist. Chemical Engineer, MSc. Mindfulness Studies.

Life is a wild Ceremony..

Do you believe?

dear Alchemist <3 ...

Our Ecuatorial Cacao Medicine comes in hand moulded and hand written easy to cut/bite squares of 13x13cm hand-packed, 100% organic and biodegradable

Cacao paste block from Esmeraldas, Ecuador


Buy 500g of our Cacao paste Medicinal grade and receive her in our New Chakana Mayan Calendar to move in connection with the 20 solar energies creating reality

Chakana Calendar Esmeraldas, Ecuador


Download your Cacao Planner with Ancient Mayan recipes to connect with each one of the 20 Energies HERE.

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