Ceremony for us translates into playground. A sacred space for you to connect with Cacao while navigating with the energy guides from Mayan Cosmo vision which I received by Izaias and Izabel, Mayan founders of: Lavalove Cacao in Guatemala. 

In this space you will be invited to relax and connect with the energies of the Mayan calendar through the heart connection that Cacao awakens. 

Ceremonies can be for individuals, couples or groups. 

Prices are offered on a sliding scale according to your financial means and these include the Cacao. Please get in touch if you have any question.  

Private ceremonies (A group for up to 12 individuals):
£280 / £260 / £240 / £220 

For couples:
£350 / £330 / £300 / £280

(high/ medium/ low income/benefits and others)

Want to experience our ceremonies before booking a private one? Join us every week to explore Cacao in community.

Find out more at: Get Involved. 

If you are struggling financially due to the current COVID situation, please get in touch to discuss the best suitable option for you.

Cacao ceremony, online or in person

Locations vary from time to time for in person ceremonies.