Cacao, The superfood of Creators

Discover Cacao as an ally to improve your health, increase connection and assist your spiritual growth.

5/8/20213 min read

Mayans call it: “The Food of the Gods”, apart from being a super food that can enrich your days, Cacao awakens creativity. Known as a heart medicine, it is chemically design to connect you with your heart, love, and community. After all, there is where we can deeply find the divine along our days. 

Our fast moving world is constantly changing. Finding ways to keep grounded is essential to fulfill our dreams and manifest the reality we want. Therefore, developing a spiritual practice while improving your health means finding your unique way to connect with the divine creative power to remember your essence as a powerful creator. Allowing yourself to experiment wholeness, the belonging to something bigger usually named as “God”, “Spirit”, Universe or maybe just something far infinite than what human mind can conceptualize or label. Cacao is well equipped to assist your transformation, one of its powers comes from Anandamide, the bliss molecule, a great alternative to antidepressants. 

One of the benefits of cultivating a spiritual practice is that you learn to differentiate when you are off center, developing the capacity to use your tools to return to your sweet spot of creativity when needed. My bigger teachers and allies along my path have been Plant Medicines, spirit guides embodied in Mother Nature elements, designed to assist humanity, in the same way we are designed to serve our community and Planet.

The way in which the sacred experiences itself through each one of us is unique. Therefore, each spiritual practice should be different and special to everyone. When we allow our own expression to be as it is, we are allowing the uniqueness of Spirit to flourish through us. And sometimes we need a mixture of different practices to achieve the results we are looking for. That is one reason why I love Cacao, because is such a nurturing spirit of pure love, which make it so flexible that you can include her in many other explorations. For example, some of the practices that are part of my spiritual practice are: dance, devotional singing, journaling, mindfulness meditation. All of those can perfectly be potentiate with the presence of Cacao.

The alchemy of Cacao includes antioxidants that will take care of the free radicals in your body. Theobromine, also present in Cacao, is the responsible for stimulating your soothing system, giving you energy but reliving the sensation of anxiety from your system while protecting your neurons from early degradation. Cacao also have great amounts of microelements that are essential for the functioning of your body, magnesium is one of these, it helps your heart to pump more blood into our system while relaxing the muscles and articulations. 

There are many ways to explore with Cacao. From my Cacao facilitator training we distinguish between “creative” and “ceremonial” uses but life has shown me that any use can be creative and at the same time sacred. The difference will come with the type of experience you would like to have, and this will be reflected . If you are trying Cacao for the first times you may enjoy adding 15g to 28g to your morning oats, smoothies and hot drinks (check Uses and recipes for some ideas) to boost your immune system, regulate your hormones and prevent yourselves from lacking necessary micronutrients your body needs every day. However, if you want to experience a more obvious heart expansion, connect with Spirit inside our heart and all around, you may want to try a higher dose around 30g to 45g. You can use the following recipe to start with:


1.      32g of Ceremonial Cacao Paste

2.      A cup of water

3.      ½ teaspoon of cinnamon  

4.      1 teaspoon of coconut oil


Prepare an intention. We are spiritual beings embodied in human bodies, our minds create and consciously connecting with your Cacao in this way is a powerful practice. 
Heat the water but do not allow it to boil so that you preserve the nutrients in your Cacao. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix it with a hand mixer or in the blender to get a more integrated drink. 

 Try it out and see what happens. 

Creating my own spiritual practice has been a big steppingstone for my personal develop and Plant Medicine has always being the family that is always ready to nurture my body while remind me that everything that Mother Nature has magic to share with us when we stop to observe, listen and receive from our heart. It is my relationship with the divine presence what inspire me to create, what heals my body and expands my soul in any direction I choose moment to moment.

If you are curious about how to connect with Cacao in sacred circle or simple learn more about how you can use Cacao to awaken your creativity and while cultivating conscious relating with yourself and others, join us to explore Cacao in ceremony. Book your place here as we have limited places for each event.