Healing Artist, Cacao Facilitator, Shamanic Practitioner

“Amaru Kamaia is like a breath of fresh air with her teachings and channellings. I deeply appreciate and value her honesty, sacred wisdom, presence, support, encouragement and commitment - to herself, Aya Pacha and the group, all which I had experienced with her during the deeply transformative Cacao Embodiment experience last year. Love & Gratitude.”

Emma Shoesmith

This journey has been profound in so many ways and has supported me in closing a 9 year astrological cycle. I have really benefited from connecting with the Mayan calendar and loved how the daily energies show up in perfect synchronicity. I feel like my connection to IxCacao and this sacred medicine had got even stronger but there’s something telling me she’s only just getting started Maria my cup is over flowing with love and gratitude for the space that you hold and your transmission...I feel so at home in this container, a real soul family. Gracias Hermana During this time so much has shifted as I make the transition from city life to rural life. I know that the alchemy of this group had something to do with me finding my dream house that I move into on we were in collective ceremony the day before I found it Pure Magic I am so grateful

Aya Pacha Mystery School of Sacred Magic and Galactic Wisdom

Success is, sharing your gifts with profound passion that transforms the world with simple presence.

Aya Pacha