Everyone beholds a unique piece of the web of love

Our vision

We believe that the new paradigm for humanity is all about collaboration where we all can benefit from the abundance of love and connection that our Planet offers to us. Our aim is to create a Healing Community for teachers, healers, medicine people around the globe to share and expand their wisdom with others to awaken their own medicines. This can be done with the assistance of Plant medicine. These ancestral Spirits are perfectly designed to assist humanity to heal and to embody a wealthy life in harmony.

Maria has trained with teachers from different parts of the world, this has given her a wide perspective of the importance of bringing together different angles from which we can appreciate reality. Therefore, is essential to be wisdom keepers of the ancestral traditions passed through grandmothers and grandfathers so that humanity expands with solid bases for the future generations to live in a world of love and understanding with each other but also with the elements of nature. 

With the support of Mother Earth, Father Sun and our community, we will create this healing space based in Ecuador, surrounded by powerful volcanoes and breathtaking natural places for people from all over the world to come and discover the magic that this ancestral land has to offer. 

We work in collaboration with a traditional farm of Cacao Keepers that hold the energy of virgin Arriba Nacional Trees. Our purpose is to keep supporting the tradition of Cacao and to expand this to other communities in Ecuador so that we all can grow together as one family. 

If you resonate with this heart felt vision get in touch! There are many ways in which we love to collaborate with our community because Nature shows us: We'll evolve as a collective. 

"We're coming into a rebirth of the planet. And some cultures have echoed it, such as the Mayans"

Cacao Ceremonies: 

Cacao Ceremonies are created as a sacred space to play with the divine through the Mayan tradition. These are offered for our community to connect and dive deeply with the medicine.

We will explore the different benefits of Cacao as a Super Food and as an Ancestral Medicine used by many ancient cultures such as: Mayo-Chinchipe from Ecuador, Maya, Inka, Aztec.

To join the circle, if you are not yet one of our customers we suggest a donation. Following one of the principles of many indigenous tribes: Sacred Reciprocity, everything flows in balance in the Universe. Conscious giving and receiving.

We can observe this principle from different ancestral perspectives: Ainy (Inka), Toh (Maya), Karma (Indu), Pagamento (Colombian tribes).

We wish you Ainy with all your relationships. 

Celebrating the miracle of live, we remember

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Connect with weekly gatherings to explore Cacao. Learn about the of this medicine from the Mayan, Inka and Mayo-Chinchipe perspective, promotions and more!