Medicine Wheel


Aya Pacha

6/14/20213 min read

Every human being walks the Medicine Wheel, couscous or unconscious of it. We behold it inside and she is also the spiral for the continuity of live. It is an Art to walk the Medicine Wheel in an awaken state and everyone can do it by voluntary choice when recognizing the divine essence that permeates everything. Every individual will experience the Medicine Wheel in an unique way, that is part of its magic design. By walking it with awareness, freedom becomes available as the illusion of disempowerment vanish away.  

Shamanic traditions behold the understanding of the Medicine Wheel. It is transmitted by Shamans by oral tradition in order to create communities that remember: Freedom is a mental state, it is a choice. It can become available through the observation of the Medicine Wheel. It represent the seven sacred directions of existence and Cacao connects the Self with the heart of each one of those. Here is a quick description of the characteristics in each one as well as a suggestion to honor it. 

The Above, the heart of the Sky, the light, the guidance that comes from heaven. The central Sun allows life to be and continue. It is related to the upper chakras and you can honor this direction by listening your inner guidance. Creating spaces to meditate and listen to your higher self, better if you can do this in Mother Nature as the connection then is amplified. 

The Below, the womb of the creation. The nourishment and ground allowing life to be and grow. It is related to the lower chakras and you can honor the womb of the Universal Mother by remembering that you are a conscious creator capable of changing your reality as much as you need and want.   

The West, the Sacred Mother Earth. Represented by black colour. She is your home and is design to give you anything you need to fulfil your purpose in this life with deep joy and enjoyment. By honoring everything that you receive from her you are recognizing Pacha Mama as an alive organism. She is the abundance of live flourishing in her highest expression through flowers, medicines, animals and humanity. This is the direction where the self is invited to deeply transform. Usually entering here through a grief process of the old. Any medicine of Earth can deeply accompany this momentum in life. Cacao has been my dear lover here and can be yours too. 

The South, in many shamanic traditions is symbolized with red colour and sacred Water, the master of fluidity teaching us the infinite flow of life from which we are conscious participants if we allow ourselves to be, moment by moment. Learning from the resistances rather than feeling trapped with those. This beautiful direction can be honor by merging with living water in a river or in the sea. Recognizing yourself as part of the One web of love that flows through and all around, but most important, that Is you. It can also be honor with a bowl of water in your altar or a simple action of drinking water in a mindful manner. 

The East, the horizon that births the Sun, sacred Fire. Represented by yellow colour. The new beginnings start here. New and fresh energy is allowed to birth the new version of ourselves in order to be able to hold the creation that wants to be channeled through us. You can connect with this magical direction by honoring sacred Fire with a candle or, even more enjoyable, by holding a bonfire. Any way can connect you with the energy of transformation by letting go what is keeping you from your new version. 

The North, the deepness of the fog, represented with white. The knowledge transmitted by our ancestors, the stars in the night sky. I consider this direction as the communication with the Akasha, the infinite web of information that you can tap any time to remember anything you are seeking for. This direction can be honor through conscious breathing and by singing. Cacao can also be a beautiful guide for this purpose. If you are constant enough her spirit my also share couple of songs with you to sing with. 

Last but definitely not least, even though sometimes it can be sub estimated, the middle direction, your sacred heart. Siddhartha called the path of the center and indigenous traditions embrace it as the place where all the dimensions of existence are available when awakening its intelligence. Cacao is a heart medicine, her spirit can deeply connect you with your inner power inside your heart while enjoying the magic of being a human in this beautiful planet. 

Recognizing the sacred directions is a way to remembering your divine essence for then to play with conscious creation and when this one is master co-creation becomes available too. 

I hope this little introduction to the Medicine Wheel inspire you to play in ceremony with the divine that you embody. You can find a recipe to connect with the four elements here but remember, your intuition is your best teacher and Cacao Spirit wants you to discover your own way to honor your existence so that you can make the most of it, for yourself and others. 

Creating the world we want to live in is an inside job that we all are responsible for. 

If you would like to connect more with the Medicine Wheel for healing, clarity and insights purposes please get in touch. It will be a pleasure to walk with you the remembrance of your soul. 

With Love, 

Maria Maya Astral