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A PsychoMagic article to tell you more healing bites about my work. Inspired by poetry, I heal my body dysmorphia. A hot and cold relationship I work, probably too hard, to balance into warmth, the one I have, my body temple, I honour and Love.


Maria, AYA Pacha Cacao Founder

10/17/20234 min read

Meet me closer <3 through my 1st Love <3 Writing

My passion for Writing is probably the relationship that safe my life

Through my teens, while terrified of a Narcissistic single parent, as a highly sensitive child, without resources to process my inner world, I chose self-harm as the only form. I interiorized such an amount of self-judgment through my perception of dysfunctional adults normalizing a judgemental and angry father. Writing became my very first medicine to transform poison into Alchemy. My heart, a big part, yearns to dedicate my days to writing for others. In my sweet Shamanic blog, I got to share my Love with you, through the healing art of Writing, as my devotional practice.

As my discipline evolves, I am creating more spaces for my free-flowing creative expression. As I let go of judging the wanting of it all, as I allow myself the pleasure of tasting and exploring with curiosity without pressure, smoothly letting go of the result. I evolve when I let go the control.


Learning to activate parasympathetic response

Drinking Food ☄️ Medicine

"Meaning Real Cacao 🌺 Soul Medicine

To level up your healing and neuro-pathways"

To feel safe within the body is something that can be challenging, specially for highly sensitive souls

With Cacao 🌺 it becomes fun

Healing ✨ is definitely a sacred Art

I know it

As a passionate of the mind~Soul~body Spirit

Fascinated for the Wild Pathways back to my own Source

An eternal student is all a teacher embodies

To share 😁 from an authentic space, embodiment comes first

today with 6IX(19/10/23) Bee Welcome to our tribe of resonant hearts

Expanding the Cacao Evolution 🧬 forward ❤️‍🔥YES We are <3

From a space of clarity and knowingness of who we are 🕉️

"Every single one of my choices

Is informing my consciousness

About the reality I'm supporting into form

Therefore every step I take

Rejoins me back to my essential consciousness,

There's no other way, when I remember, I am inside everything"

Heaven 🐉 yes I have fun with the energies I call upon into Sacred Play 🌻 Consciously Agreeing in both sides first

It needs to feel safe, consented and agreed first

For it to expand healthy from the base to wide towards the heart of father sky

Sometimes release is needed, as well as course-correct, applying healthy boundaries is key, for spaces to feel safe to be explored, paradoxically under control, boundaries need to be on place

My body is my temple, my soul eternal, my world Pacha Mama, here and Now

Cacao balancing my hormonal nature, my endocannabinoids feel nourished, my #1 antidepressant, sweet medicine supporting me to understand my anxious behabiour, through ritual I pause, with stillness I listen to my heart, just then I realize how disconnected I was

Safe and Safety are a must when Co-creating healing is the aim

As a Chemical Engineer facilitating Sensorial and Healing Alchemy, as a Psychodelic facilitator but especially and mostly, as an Ancestral Medicine Creator

My standards are high yes 💜

Maybe because I worked for some time you know 🌺really learning so much about chemistry and life 🧬 at the Quality Control department for Braun Medical the International Pharmaceutical at Quito, Ecuador. I'm so grateful that my standards got strong

How to change the world 🌍 if not one thread 🧵 at a time

Yoga reminds me about unity, Tantra invites me into my soothing system, as I learn to be gentle, to be soft, having patience with my own trauma response

Plant Medicine teaches me to breathe before I drink, to bless my Food-Medicine, to give thanks and to praise Mother Earth for giving our humanity really everything

An Alchemist💜suggests whispers. One person at divine time and our world will heal, authentically, Ascend

A heart 🌎 pulsing at One, at the no time🐍🪽

Our world 🌎 is evolving, I am confident

Ready to get DEEPER with Plant Medicine as you heal your relationship with your sexual and Creative energy life force?

Please take a look at my Next Online Healing Program starting Nov 2023 HERE.

How to make sure you're making an active part of this irremediable process?

Connecting directly with those Creators supporting your reality🙏🏾Seeking authenticity of expression and supporting free hearts creating as a soul call with passion and love

Co-creating with you as Sacred Reciprocity is celebrated and honoured

Examples of full connection will be what I got with my Ambassadors around UK and USA (currently) or what I got with my Cacao🌺 Blessings Hector and Magdalena 🤎at Esmeraldas Ecuador or with my little team at my Shamanic lab: Herminio, Rosita. We are a little team connected and inspired by our Superfood Cacao🌺Master Plant

Listen to our Love Story, AYA🌺Pacha Cacao Origins at Hummingbird Vortex, Shamanic Healing Podcast by me, Maria, the multidimensional hummingbird, AYA🌺Pacha Cacao Founder. Embodiment Coach, hEarth Healer, Tantra and Shamanism teacher, Specialist in Medicinal Cacao and Cannabis.

And here we are, co-creating the new world with you, and the rest of our healing Soul tribe. Transforming density into flow, demons into alchemical friends to express love.

Bee Wellcome <3. My intention with everything I create is to support you back into embodiment, feeling at home, safe, under your own skin, inside your rebalanced inner chemistry.

Thank you for reading, more about who we are <3...

AYA🌺Pacha Cacao

Made by Alchemist <3

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