The Mayan Calendar is mind blowing road map of the constellations and the energetics present in You according to the moment your Soul landed on the Galactic School Pacha Mama.

In ancient times the tradition in Shamanic Cultures when a baby was born was for the Shaman of the tribe to read the Sky so that guidance can be offered to the one according to the energetics embodied in that body temple.

Nahualt means Energy Guide, Spirit Guiding the tone of the day. The One that will guide the person that honors this energy through its vessel.

For Amaru KaMaya, connecting with her constellation is a daily journey back home. It allowed her to clarify her mission, life challenges as opportunities and gifts as connectors with Spirit that flourish with trust. 

Your higher self wants you to be happy by living an Abundant life in every sense. When you tap into your heart design you tap also in the frequency of Abundance of life.  This happens when you flow in alignment to the star you embody, the One you are.

Mayan people describe Nahualt as Spiritual Partner. Your higher self guiding you from the stars so that you can flow with ease and evolutionary purpose for your Soul expansion. 

Mayan Alchemy (Constellation/Blueprint Medicinal 1:1 Channeling Session)

During a session of around 90 min, Amaru Kamaya will navigate you through the energetics that you embody. You'll be invited to bring your medicine guide if you have one, Sacred Ix Cacao is recommended as this Medicine Awaken Ancestral Codes that will be empowered by the channeling session within Sacred Space.

The session works as a empowerment of a part of your own essence. Suggestions of Medicine Allies, embodiment practices will be suggested to integrate the energetics for your path ahead.

Shamanic traditions teach us: we are called to share our gifts with our community, rediscovering ourselves as much as necessary to Feel, to shine, to Be, our full potential.

"I believe that your Nahualt arrives when you are ready to receive it. This offering is a gift in between yourself in different dimensions of your human experience, Receiving my Nahualt was to understand the most painful parts of my path as gifts for me to awaken in service of something that supports me, loves me, incarnates me as I deepen my Self understanding".

This is a 1:1 Alchemical Session involving:

Shamanic Healing

Channeling of your Soul Blueprint

Concluding with Short Mentorship to suggest next steps

The cost of this session is £280. It is offered in sliding scale for those experiencing mindset blocks about money and related themes.

£310 /£280 / £240/ £222 / £130

(I recognize my Abundant Nature, therefore I can contribute for others still Remembering / Grounding there, one jump in Sacred Time/ Still finding my ways into learning to invest in mySelf  / Urgently needing guidance from Constellations, I'll make an effort that I know this session will shift my Energy in so positive ways and I am ready for it

If you need a special price, or if you want to propose a trade or if you have any additional question you can book a free consultation here to discover how I can support your Ascension journey. 

Mona - UK

Tasty and rich flavoured cacao I’ve been having in oat milk, grated it and also used a blender to smooth the drink even more, though it was easy to mix. I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in a ceremony led by Maria for which I drank the ‘Manabi’ cacao. I purchased the ‘Esmeraldas’ one later on. Both have been great gate openers to profound ceremonies, connecting with its medicine and wisdom.


Anton - Russia

I live in Ecuador, and I have tried different brands of chocolate (cocoa) from here. This one is just amazing! I have never tried anything so tasty! It also has a great positive effect on your emotional state, calming you and relaxing. Definitely, a must-try! (You need to prepare it in the correct way, though!)


Gaby - UK

choose this shop because they are local and because they do support the people, who source the sacred plant . My first order got lost so I had contacted the seller and Maria posted new straight away and I had my cacao next morning . So I am so very grateful. Cacao came nicely packaged and I love the flavour. I can only highly recommend this shop.



Mona - UK

Quick delivery, tastes delicious, love love love, have ordered again.