The light Codes of my Soul Constellation are offered as deeply healing experiences of Soul and Energy Mastery. I am a Self Empowered Healing Artist that has unraveled her gifts through navigating the dark night of the Soul in many different ways in order for my heart to expand for then to heal my Womb temple. I am One that was chosen to release my Ancestry from limitations as I achieve my own Energy Mastery. My thrive in life is Pacha Mama and the Divine Feminine She embodies, through every living form that expands through Her divine Essence, Gaia Mother.

Bellow you will find how I can support your healing journey. Either for you to heal deeper levels or to reawaken new powers hidden in your galactic DNA ready to be activated. My signature of healing is Psychomagic because it is designed for you to observe how everything is perfectly orchestrated by the One Source specially for you to heal, learn, expand, moment to moment. It also comes side by side with Plant Medicines, my dear teachers, allies and beloved friends. I am an advocate of the infinite possibilities that Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) offer to us, her children, to thrive within our humanity. I am prepared to offer you Deep and Committed Healing Work.

I am an Energy Intuitive Guide, in words of my human design it would be called to be a projector. My aim is to transmits Spirit-U-All-ity as every single act through which we get to know ourselves in this Epic and Magical human journey.

I am prepared to assist your journey of mind deprograming, energy release and further upgrade in your process of Becoming, your true Self.

A combination of different Sources of Wisdom to Serve Ascension
Channeling Energy Work, Shamanic Astrology, Tantra, Ayurveda, Artistic Expression, in a beautiful dance of Co~Creation with Plant Medicine for the highest purposes of Healing. For Pacha Mama to Ascend through the Beauty Way.

This is a 1:1 90 min healing session including one, some or all of the listed techniques:

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Reiki

  • Mind/Heart Fullness embodiment practices

  • Plant Medicine guided journey

  • Ancestral Healing

This session is ideal for you if you want to experience the deepness of my work before committing to a longer period of working together or if you have an specific intention to work through which requires only one or a few sessions.

Shamanic healing will allow you to release your soul in different dimensions of your soul experience. The gift of it is that happens within the sacred space of no linear time. Creating ripple effects through your ancestry as well as different layers of your humanity.

You will experience a mixture of the different shamanic lineages I behold. You can read more about this in the following session "What to expect when working with me".

The session will take place through Zoom platform unless we agree to be at the same location. You will receive your Cacao Medicine once completed the Booking process.

Note that: Cancelations less than 24 hours incur full payment.

Exchange for the Session: £222 |£130 | £120 | £100 | £88

Shamanic Alchemy Healing 1:1 Session

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Are you ready to clear your FULL Akashic Records? To release discordant energy, to let go of what is blocking your FULL Soul Expression?
This is your Offering, if that is the case.

This is a 1:1 90 min healing session where I will use the Healing technique of: SRT for those ready to clear up the past in a deep and complete way.

Everything in the Universe is Energy. This Sacred Substance can accumulate over time, over lifetimes, affecting your way to flow through your human journey. We always start with the full cleanse of your full personal Akashic Records. This is a long session that varies in length from person to person. After this one is performed you can request a cleanse for specific matters such us clearing your relationship with Money, with your Sexuality, with someone in particular, if you still feel the need energetically.

Some people struggle with manifesting Success or Money in life, the root causes belong to energy blueprints from the past. Once you remove this energy the path opens in a whole new way.

I am a Certified SRT Consultant. You can find more about the SRT Association in their official website here:

This Healing Art can be performed by distance, with or without video connection. We'll work through the 9th dimensional space through the assistance of a pendulum and different charts that will guide the process through our Higher Self connection with Source.

If you want to have the video through the cleanse process, the session will take place through Zoom platform. Another possible option is for us to agree to be at the same location.

This, like any of my Healing Arts offered to humanity, can be explored with Cacao Medicine that I'll post to you for an extra £13, in Ascension Celebration.

Note that: Cancelations less than 24 hours incur full payment.

Exchange for the 1st Session: £130 |

Exchange for the 2nd Session onwards: £88/session

Note that, from the 2nd Session forward, we'll be able to perform 2 or 3 clearings each time. The first one requires more Energy Resources because of its Magnitude, once your Full Cleanse is complete we can release other threads with more ease.

If you are ready to deepen your Healing, Spiritual Journey and Evolution path of Ascension through the Power of Mother Gaia. I am prepared to Mentor and Energetically Support the Alchemy of your Soul Mastery, for a period of time with the following offerings.

Are you ready to shift your consciousness, transmute the past and rebuild a new You from the scratch?  

Take your relationship with Mother Earth Alchemies to the next level. Build long lasting relationship with Plant allies to deepen your healing and Ascension. 

Remember your path as a priestess/priest of Gaia with Crystalline Geometries design to enlighten the darkness: Yoni Egg, Omi, Tijax among others. 

Included in your coaching:
  • Deep Healing Session with Spiritual Response Therapy to Clear your Full Akashic Records of discordant energy programing.

  • Medicine Box with everything you need to upgrade and deepen your Healing journey with the medicine(s) we agree together to be the most suitable companion for you.

  • Herbal Cleanse with all the Guidance through your releasing journey for 15 or 40 days. You chose the deepness of your journey.

  • Access to daily Astrological guidance for you to break limitations of linear time perception through the Mayan Calendar through Telegram.

  • Access to my guidance through voice notes, text messages and emails along the week.

  • Medicinal gift every 4 weeks together to celebrate your evolution.

  • Worksheets to track your process and keep working at your own divine time.

  • Community support of other alike souls in divine and playful Self quest.

  • Astrological Mayan Reading for you to understand your soul signature through your constellation configuration.

  • Weekly Session of 90 minutes were we will work together with: talking therapy, self reflection exercises, shamanic healing, heart awareness, channeling and mindfulness meditation.

  • You are invited to attend as my guest to my online ceremonies and workshops during our journey together.

  • 25% off for my Live events around UK.

My 2022 Transformational Coaching program design to empower YOU through the Healing Magic and Power of Pacha Mama is:

The Coaching is a Self commitment that evolves through the energy of Success, when both parts are Heart to Heart committed for a period of time. This will allow Alchemy and Co~creation to empower your human experience. A minimum of 9 months commitment is highly recommend, for you to dive in the deepness of this offering so that you can harvest the gifts that will flourish through your transformation, healing and release.

This coaching program is for YOU if:
  • YOU Are ready to release ANYTHING blocking your path here and now.

  • YOU Are ready to commit to your own healing/evolution.

  • YOU Are a walkin soul, you feel you came from other time/space with a purpose for serving others.

  • YOU are a highly sensitive soul needing support to understand and upgrade your relationship with your sensitivity.

  • YOU want to upgrade your relationship with your Sexual Energies, Womb temple and body/inner cycles.

  • YOU Feel stuck with old programing and stagnated energy, ready to Embody your Divine Self.

  • YOU Thrive for transformation and are ready to up-level your human experience.

  • YOU Know there is more magic available for you to unlock through your Body-temple technology.

  • YOU want to release limiting beliefs and discordant programming to consciously program your mind.

  • YOU define yourself as an empath and you want to learn Emotional Intelligence to release yourself from toxic dynamics.

  • YOU had experienced or you find yourself trap in a relationship with a Narcissist and you are ready to seek for support.

  • YOU are aware of addictive bonds, behaviors, situations and you are ready to invest energy resources to release your soul.

  • YOU want to rebuild your relationship with your Body temple through ancestral practices.

  • YOU are aware of trauma storage in your body limiting your True expression and you are ready to work through it with trained support.

  • YOU had gone through close death experiences and need support to understand the initiations into your New YOU.

  • YOU had experience interrupted pregnancies and are ready to heal your womb and your relationship with the creative process.

  • YOU are ready to release Ancestral and Trans generational trauma that has been blocking you for many lifetimes.

  • YOU are ready to REMEMBER through Ancient technologies.

  • YOU want to BE emotional, energetically, financially FREE and are ready to work through what is in your way of getting there.

  • YOU are READY to live a Self-Empowered Reality.

This is a 6 months program for women looking for ANY or ALL of the following:

  • Harmonize your inner rhythms

  • Awaken your Sexual Magic, your own Medicine

  • Connect with your Sexual Energies in a healthy and powerful way

  • Learn how to work with your feminine cycles to create with the different energies that inhabit you

  • Become the Master your Self Healing by learning how to work with: Herbal Medicine, Yoni Egg, Crystalline Consciousness and Ancient Practices to Enlighten your Heart Temple of the Divine Light.

    We'll have one session per month for you to explore, heal and restore your relationship with your energy, mind and body. This process is supported, among many others, in my training as a Menstrual Therapist with the School Madre Tierra based in Argentina. It will involved movement, embodiment exercises and work with herbal medicine to balance your cycle and hormones.

    Exchange per Session: £130 | £120 | £100 | £88 | £55

Transformational Mentorship with Plant Medicine
Connecting with your inner Seasons, balancing your feminine energy, with Herbal Medicine and Menstrual Therapy.
I am deeply passionate about my sacred work as an Ancient and Wild Heart Activator. It is my commitment to offer my heart at the service of your Evolution. I am in Love with Pacha Mama and I express this through my Sacred work.

What to expect when working with me

My healing work holds pieces of my different lifetimes on Earth. From my remembrance of Atlantis I've integrated the work with Crystalline Consciousness (Obsidian included), Channeling and Energy Healing. From my lifetimes on Egypt I behold the remembrance of Rose Medicine and Sacred Sexuality, which I combine with my work as a trained Menstrual therapist. From India I behold a deep connection with Santa Maria, scientifically known as Cannabis medicine.  You can also expect to connect with Cacao, my beloved teacher of heart connection who assisted my Mayan soul in my hearts healing with the golden understanding of the energy of Abundance. 

I can describe my work as Psychomagic. My heart design shows me that every detail can make a difference when healing is addressed. I'll make my best to create a enjoyable environment for you to experience your inner world.

My life has shown me the importance of knowing what is storage in your subconscious mind. Carl Jung introduced the concept of The Shadow. The unseen part of your psyche where ever experience you have had gets storage. Your days are manifested in a 95% from this space. Therefore, if you are not getting the results you want it is because of limiting programing and Ancestral baggage that requires to be release for the soul to break free from the illusion of suffering.

I will share with you EMBODIMENT practices for you to Widen your Conscious mind so that you can BE who you came here to BE.

You are design to be joyful and fulfil while serving your gifts/medicine to others through divine alignment to your purpose. We all got one and we'll take as many lifetimes as we need to discover and full fill it. 

Holistic Therapies with Plant Medicine
Holistic Therapies with Plant Medicine
Exchange, Sacred Reciprocity, Ainy for Soul Embodiment Mentorship Program
Life for each and every One, is meant to be a dance of Magic and Alchemy, merging in Love through you, through us: Pacha Mama. 

The price per week comes in sliding scale, you can chose the option that aligns to your current reality, knowing that it can always keep upgrading. I'll support you through the Abundance Codes Journey.

  • I Know I am Abundant and I can invest fully into my Self Evolution £555

  • I am Remembering my true nature and I am ready to keep upgrading £420

  • I am working towards expanding my Abundance, one step at the time £310

  • Here is where I am right now, I know I'll evolve and contribute more £222

My Path of Service is, without doubt, moves me from a ground space of connection to inspire, Awaken and Upgrade your own Self Connection to a whole new level of your Own experience. It is with great Joy, Pleasure and Passion that I love Empowering the Goddess Awakening inside you, inside us. You, just like any other One, behold an essential piece of the collective puzzle. I am here for the purposeful and mission driven Heart temple that is ready to Open wide. Like the Sacred Lotus Flower, from the most fertile and so Sacred Darkness. For then to Serve Her Realms, people, community, while deeply enjoying to the infinite possibilities available for Her, One and the Same: Pacha Mama
Here are some clients testimonials 

It was an amazing magical experience to connect with my Nahuatl. 

Deeper understandings, miraculous synchronicities and great confirmations arose in that sacred space. Maria’s knowledges, wisdom and intuition were precious friends on the path. A profound unique journey that I recommend to anyone calling to connect deeper within. And beyond. 

With gratitude,

Johanne, France

Discovering Maria Fatme on this path is something I can simply describe as an absolutely magical process. Each of our sessions together are shaped by unconditional love and lots of teachings. Thank you Maria for being so patient with my process. For holding space for me, for being my mirror and reflecting all your knowledge. I can only say infinite times thank you and blessings surround you always. Keep shining today and forever.

Carolina, Ecuador.

I was in a dark moment in my life. Without having a guide or an explanation to understand what the strong life lesson was trying to tell me with all the events happening in my life. Until coincidentally recounting that with an old friend, she told me about the energy blockages and recommended Maria. I was skeptical at the first but I contact her. After a few hours of speaking with Maria, she proposed a plan to work with me. I did not understand at first how the physical plane was linked to the energetic until I experienced it shortly after with Maria´s guidance. She managed to vanish those energetic and mental blocks that I had charged for so long, making life begin to flow like water. This is undoubtedly one of the strangest but constructive experiences I have had in my life. I now have a stable job and, among other things, I owe it to Maria and her great wisdom with the astral world.

Jessica, Ecuador.

I’ve been using Maria’s services for a while, doing reiki therapy and participating to Cacao ceremonies either in a private setting or as part of a group. I’ve learnt a lot about myself in that process and I can say that she is a true born healer. Her energy-therapy and cacao ceremony helped me to open up and to self discover. Cacao’s benefits and reiki are countless. She is also working with different plant medicines that have great health benefits. She is an excellent guide and an amazing teacher to work with. Her knowledge on energy healing and ancestral connections, as well as her south American heritage is enhancing the wonderful experience and the healing journey.

Luiza, UK.

Hello, my name is Javier Ortiz singer of ONE PACHANGA and I want to express my experience with the Medicinal Session with Maria. Plant Medicine can help you with emotional and physical problems as you will be able to release stagnated energy due to trauma. I was suffering with much back pain and during the session I had many understandings about it, Maria helped me moving the energy with Reiki as well. Therefore, it was an enriching experience in every sense since it opened many new doorways that I could not see before. Also I felt my creative power illuminated much more after our session. I recover from ailments my back and also the state of mind and humor. In a few words I return to my natural essence thanks for feeding my soul and through Mother Earth Spirit and thanks to María Fatme for giving me the opportunity to open up to this magical and so healing experience.

Javier, Colombia

I've found the Shamanic healing is very unique from other types of body/mind healing, because it uses an alternative state of consciousness to enter the invisible world, which are the spiritual, emotional, mental, mythical, archetypal and dream work. 

I was feeling very comfortable with Maria from the day one, when I met her during online cacao ceremony. She was saying her prayers and they were arising from her heart; she was genuinely doing it with her eyes closed for about 1 hour and a half, which made me truly believe in her higher spiritual state and positive intentions.  Maria is a sensitive, caring, healthy, extremely empathetic healer and has a real passion for helping others. I felt no judgment toward me or other people, I was able to be open about my problems and feelings.  She works from calm, quiet and relaxing environment. 

I was guided to break my old unhealthy patterns of behaviour, to overcome stagnant energy, which was blocking me from progressing in life. Each session/ceremony helped to find my own connection with nature within and around me. Because I released many unwanted emotions, I managed to lose weight easily by eating less. I discovered the power of writing for my healing, the power of creativity in everyday life. 

I have been guided on the healing journey using beautiful tools and rituals, as journaling, movement, sounds of my voice, dance, music, painting, plants, crystals, breathwork. I worked with my emotional traumas, which was very hard, but with Maria's support daily in between sessions and loads of useful easy techniques at home I now know what I want and am awakening up every day. 

I found my inner power and continue to heal. 

Natasha, UK.

I recently participated in Amaru Kamaia’s Cacao Embodiment Training. Having met Amaru Kamaia in the Summer at the Sun & Moon Festival, I instantly felt her deep dedication and commitment to the plant medicine path. She introduced me to Ix Cacao in a way I had never experienced before, in 2 ceremonies I experienced a connection to Ix Cacao that I had not had before.. There was no question I wanted to be part of the online Cacao Embodiment journey when it came up. When you meet a teacher/guide who embodies the qualities you aspire to; compassion, devotion, dedication, authenticity, integrity, honour, your soul knows it must follow…

Amaru Kamaia holds an impeccable space, full of heart, integrity, compassion, humility and honour. The teachings and codes of the Mayan lineage she has lived and learnt from reside deep in her heart and mind. The combination of so much wisdom and knowledge from her own deep studies and experience, with her incredibly open and loving heart creates a transformative space for journeying and learning. She holds her students to a standard for their own growth that inspires, whilst offering understanding and compassion for all that we learn, including in our mistakes, in our falling, supporting us to find the lessons & the gold to continue to learn and come home to the body and to our soul. Amaru Kamaia is not afraid of the shadow and welcomes it all, supporting your inquiry into the more challenging aspects of your life, journey and psyche in a loving way. The Cacao Embodiment journey was a deep ceremonial experience, and this is one of the gifts Amaru Kamaia holds and for me sets her apart from other people I have come across and worked with. She works deeply with all the energies in the sacred space she opens for each ceremony and it is this that creates such a strong container for transformation. There are daily online and in person opportunities to connect with the cyclical Mayan energies of each day. The online Cacao ceremonies were powerful opportunities to work with layers of energy, beliefs, thoughts and patterns that were holding me back. Each ceremony was unique and I could trust my body in the space Amaru Kamaia created and with the connection of Ix Cacao that deepened as we worked in the container of the course. Ix Cacao brought me into closer contact with my heartspace, with my body and all that it contains. I released tears of grief, expressed anger through movement and sound and experienced the ecstasy of opening up the heart and body after working through the denser energies that can hold us back from these feelings of peace & bliss, when we feel safe and held. This journey is so rich, Amaru Kamaia channels the spirit guides that support this work, and through her voice and sound supports a deep opening to your own spirit and divine nature. She is a teacher and space holder that walks her talk and her medicine is in the way she models how to live in love and respect for all things and plant medicines. I am so grateful for the journey and what it opened up in me and moved in me… I will be continuing my studies and connection with Ix Cacao and Amaru Kamaia’s teachings.

Forever grateful. Gracias.

Ayla Willow, UK.

Got questions to decide if we are a fit to work together? 
Energy Healing with Plant Medicines
Energy Healing with Plant Medicines
Amaru Kamaya
Cacao Lover and Facilitator, Light worker Alchemist of Magic with Mothers Nature Elements