Cacao, an Ancient Flower grounding the era of the Healing Arts.

The Healing Art of Navigating Space and Time. Part 2: Hummimbird 13th days cycle. A love tale of my personal astrological flow observation, to inspire you getting curious about Energy Awareness and how you can benefit from the energetic environment too. From the lens of the Mayan Calendar and Shamanic Astrology.

Aya Pacha

5/24/20226 min read

Healing Ritual to Melt with IQ. To sooth into the truth of your Heart, present, decoded all in your body temple.
You'll need:
  • Rose petals/buds, Medicine

  • Oats Flakes, Medicine

  • Soft cloth bag to add both medicines with Love, intention of releasing, joy of coming back home.

I enjoy adding the soft bag to my bath but also working with it all around my body temple with the intention of releasing the memories that are ready to be honored and released.

Healing Ritual
Healing Ritual
I believe that observing the Stars, energy awareness of who we are, has full potential for Soul Liberation. The more I observe my life experience through the lens of Shamanic Astrology, the more free of the illusion of separation I feel. This is why I am passionate about studying the Sky in a quest of finding who I am, who we are., because the best part of Abundance, of any type, is the moment of sharing the goodness with our tribe, our Soul family. I believe, Therefore, this is how I decide to Flow.

While we navigate with IQ for 13th Sacred Days. We are invited to observe what feeds our heat, what does not any more. Important questions to ask yourself during this days: What motivates my creative fire? What feeds my eternal flame? Am I working from a space of freedom, from pleasure and joy? or am I keeping small to fit in a space I've already overgrown.

IQ is the Spirit guide that teaches us trust. Trust in the unknown, in the infinite force we call Great Spirit, Goddess/God, Universal Force of Love.

When we are not acting from Love any more but instead looking for reasons to justify us staying where the soul has clearly left, we place ourselves in dangerous spaces where we'll be faced with wake up calls. This is the way our souls communicates that our time has come to move and evolve.

In Shamanic traditions is well known that medicine people experience various of these until the path is recognize, acknowledge and honor. We can do this with ease if we chose to support our hearts and soul through connecting with our essence written in the stars. The understanding of who we are brings us back to the transcendence available when we align with our deepest design. This is what is called Universal Service. When we act guided by the heart of the Sky, IQ reminds, we open the possibility of fulfilling the sacred work of our soul.

So now love, my question for you is: How do you treat yourself during this sensitive time? During Planetary transformation, while our rapidly evolving Mother Ascends it is time for her children to align to her heart, so that the transmission into the new world is one that brings more gifts than challenges. This is possible when we flow in connection with the Galaxy, and ultimately this is what we are aiming as a Planet coming back to Universal alignment.

Certainly we are blessed to be living a profound time of great Mystery and Truth where we are Remembering how to love ourselves. IQ is a great Spirit Guide for this journey. She reminds me about the sacredness of life, in every breath. But everything starts in our body temples. She remind me that Healing is an Art to Master along many lifetimes and dimensions, like hummimbird, traveling among them all.

I offer you some resources to smooth your flow along this powerful and intense Heart expansive cycle. Self Love has never ever been so required as it is now, so that we not just survive but thrive, birthing with Mother, the New Era, one that is created only by actions center in the pure joy that comes when acting upon Heart intent.

Long time ago, our common ancestors, Mayan Wisdom Keepers, kept the information about Choq'il, sacred compilation of around 20 different calendars for the sake of you and I, Gaia children, to remember, how to consciously flow through Time Space dimension. The transcendence of this sacred work is meant for dissolving any illusion of separation, any illusion of lack, illness, can be vanished through conscious navigation of Space and Time, by coherent use of your Energy resource in aligment with the heart of father Sky and Mother Earth. Choq'il (also called Tzol-Kin by some Mayan traditions) is designed in correlation to elements of Mother Earth. Every element has a correspondence, following the understanding of: "As above so below" Choq'il describes 20 Solar Energies that enable our existence running in cycles of 13 Sacred Lunar days. The dance in between feminine and masculine is profoundly admire and recognize by ancient cultures. In Mayan Wisdom duality is essential as for it beholds the flame of Love for the tree of life to expand wide. This post is intentionally created with the support of IQ, Hummimbird Medicinal guide, Spiritual teacher of the Sacred Heart Mysteries. While we are in the 13th days cycle also referred as trecena by Mayan People, IQ Spirit Guide, IQ in Maya Quiché, Colibrí in Spanish. Sacred bird in a quest for feeding her deep heart with the nectar of life present in every flower. Hummimbird can sometimes require to drink the elixir of 10000 to receive the amount of sweet nectar needed for her fast speed heart. The only bird capable of traveling within all directions, IQ is able to shift energy in between dimensions, all 7 sacred directions. IQ Spirit Guide, such a healing day where the possibility of craziness flies in the air. IQ beholds all the healing possibilities within her heart dimension. Therefore, the current cycle running from 25/05/2022 to 06/05/2022 is the ideal time for deep heart transformation, shamanic healing, creative expression. A moment to deepen your work with Ix Cacao, just like IQ, she is, the Medicine of the Awaken Heart, ancient medicine reminding us the power of our blessing, from every space of our Mother, we are called to bless her Heart, Ix Cacao reminds us.

I love offering you also musical vibes to flow with me and the rest of our tribe. In this way I want to remind you that, everything you consume, everything you allow through your sacred senses will have a deep impact. You'll find nourishing, relaxing and soothing harmonies with conscious lyrics to support you through the process of reprograming your mind. A call we are all invited into, so that our humanity may rehab of a society that left emotions, heart power, body temple, as the last pieces of the puzzle. Now is time to place those in the center, so that the truth of who we are blossoms naturally from the inside.

Then, you know, quantum physics reveals to us, the mirror effect of Magic will realign your external work. Creating a reality of Love starts with each and every one owning who we are, Love. Find your IQ playlist here. If you your like to book a Healing session with me to deepen your Soul Energy work and Galactic connection you can do this here. If you would like to work with me but you experience economic limitations you can check my 1:1 Free Sacred Reciprocity Session offered once per Mayan Cycle here. You'll be able to book as soon as there are spaces in each of them. I send you my Love for this intense times we chose to be part of. I thank you, for your courageous heart here and now. I remind you, I am here for you. My expansion is your expansion, your healing is my healing. May IQ, Hummimbird, awaken our Oneness while expanding the hummimbird effect. A flapping of a Hummimbird in Scotland is felt by the heart of all the hummimbird connected to this One, all around Pacha Mama, all within the One Universe.

Personally, 2022 for me so far, is been a blessing intense cycle, grounding me into FULL SOUL EMBODIMENT. Everything started with me offering my signature Medicinal Mentorship program, and you know, we are always called into upgrading whenever we offer our medicine to others.

2022, Sacred Cycle of Dualities dancing to remember oneness. This year I am finally being able to break the unconscious pattern of burning out repeatedly within my work space, within my close relationships. The reason behind essences of this patter is that I was brought by a single parent that interestingly enough behold IQ energy. Expressing the personality trait of Narcissism, creating on my a copping mechanism of over giving my energy in order to receive Love. Through this experience I could observe the crazy side of IQ. When too much Air, Heart, Medicine, Becomes ungrounded and over expanded. Medicine and Venom are possible in the same reality. Working towards expanding our energy awareness enables freedom but it is a constant and committed work what is required. Self Love is key along this beautiful intense journey towards liberation, towards soul evolution.

While all this upgrades move through my system, my passion for service grows deeper into Mother Earth. Serving from a space of Soul Embodiment fullfilment and joy. Not because I am unbalanced, not because I have to do something but rather because there is a flame awakening, healing me, intensely from my deepest galactic essence. Then, I am able to share from this new space of being who I am here to be, for you, for us.

I am feeling more free than ever before. Because I am being truthful to my needs, to my Soul, more than ever before. Still navigating the intensity, Choq'il supports me immensely, I hope it does Magic for you too.

Thank you for being such a key part of my soul, journey of remembering Love.

Bless you, bless Pacha Mom.