Cacao Connection

Cost: £31 postage included

Conditions: Available for UK.

Description: 1 ceremonially created Cacao per month posted to your home. 

Enhance your connection with Cacao with regular encounters with the medicine. Regardless if you are adding it to your breakfast or having ceremony time with yourself we encourage you to continuously relate with Cacao to create connection with this subscription in which you will get

Cacao is an amazing super food that can enrich your days with love and energetic flavors directly from the heart of Gaia in the fertile soil in the Coast of Ecuador.

Cacao Lover

Description: Available for UK. Cacao/monthly to your door. Cost: £60 postage included.

This subscription is for you if you are a Cacao Facilitator or just a Cacao Lover continuously holding Ceremonies for yourself and others. Cacao is an amazing ally for many purposes. From creative walks to dance, conscious relating with family and friends and it can become your best friend if you are a sensitive person, a healer, an artist of everything at the same time like me.

We Know that, once you get to know Cacao you will fall in love, just like us. 

Izaias Mendoza, Mayan medicine men, says that we could live just by drinking Cacao daily. For Mayans Cacao is the medicine of Sacred Reciprocity which is design to awaken the essence of Abundance in the One that consciously relate with her Spirit. Cacao is a plant medicine prepared to remind us what we have forgotten: We are one with Mother Earth. When we come to this realization and decide to live the truth of it we gifted with well-being that then we are able to share with community. We become vessels of love that create lasting relationships.

It was a tradition at any Mayan home to offer Cacao to anyone that arrives. This will allow an horizontal interaction, from heart to heart which is the easiest and more realistic way of relating with the world. Sharing Cacao is like saying: I open my sacred heart to receive your divine presence.

Marias experience with different Plant Spirits gifted her the understanding that it really make a difference to commit time and space to allow a relationship like this or any other to flourish. Creating a routine of sharing ritual time with yourself is an act of Self-Love and Cacao reminds you to take care of your body, mind and spirit. 

Hippocrates very well said: "Your food is your medicine". This is beautifully depicted through Cacao, a super food that can become your ally to get your daily intake of minerals and nutrients while awakening your creative self to perceive the magic that surrounds you every moment. 

We love Cacao and we have great passion to share the goodness with the world.

Cacao is the lover of the magician of Love. Those who are ready to walk the remembrance of the Earth may take her sacrament: Cacao, the Seed of Love.  

Why to Subscribe?

Start creating a long lasting relationship with Cacao while supporting AYA Pacha

To complete your purchase please:

Send an email to with your name, the email of your payment, address for us to deliver your medicine monthly and your choice of Cacao which can be changed by email notification at any time.               Thank you for joining the Cacao Evolution. 

Thank you for being our inspiration to keep growing. 

We love sharing the Medicine to the world. Thank you for allowing us to fulfill our call.