The Magic of Ainy, Sacred Reciprocity

Today: 12 Tzi~Kin, Aguilita, Eagle day, Aya Pacha shares with you why to Offer to Mother Earth, Reasons to Give Thanks for the Blessing of the Flow of Life.


Aya Pacha

3/19/20223 min read

Shamanic traditions consider Ainy a Universal Flow allowing life to be possible. Pacha Mama, divine Mother, the biggest giver of Abundance and life for our Human Journey to unfold in peace, in joy. Today Aguilita reminds you, trust is upgraded through Sacred Reciprocity, let me explain you why and suggest you how you can enjoy the Magic Ainy for your highest good.

Tzi-Kin is the Spirit Guide, Energy tone, associated with vision. Cacao Spirit can remind you that: Alignment with your Heart Vision set you into the frequency of Abundance. Abundance, Aguilita remind you, is a frequency, a state of mind, is energy.

Your heart is design to success in specific topics you chose to evolve your soul as you awaken your gifts and offer those on service to humanity. When you unlock this gifts, Cacao is an AMAZING guide for this Self Awakening Journey, Magic Becomes so available, for you, for all around you.

Sacred Reciprocity reminds us that energy flows by sacred recognition of Oneness. Sacred Offering to the Elements that make possible life expansion:

  • Water, Mother Ocean, Flow of Life for us to Be free, to be Alive

  • Air, Father Wind, infinite power of Nature, the breath of life nourishing us to be Alive

  • Earth, Beloved Mother Earth, Abundance of Magic is what She offers to those awaken to sacredly play with Her

  • Fire, Father Sun, giver of the possibility of life through our Sacred Planet Mother

    A Sacred Offering is a direct message from the divine inside you directly to the heart of the Galaxy to say thanks for the possibility of the present Moment. When you we are grateful for what we are given we are allowed more because we've proved to be aware of our Sacred Gifts and Resources.

    If you are struggling with following through your Heart desires, a powerful movement forward is to work with Sacred Offering in order to expand your Trust Understanding. Relating directly with the Elements reminds you that you are always held by Love in the infinite web dreaming Herself into form.

    I believe that Sacred offering can look in many ways. The most important elements I'll suggest to work with are:

  • Intention, what is your why, your reason to give thanks, your reason to ask for anything else. For my, my reason is my divine purpose, for me, my gratitude blossom naturally when I think about how bless I am with you, our Medicinal Aya Pacha Community of love and respect for all life forms. So powerful is to live intentionally. Since I live in Sky alignment with the understanding of the energies playing our every day, life has become easier, more Magical, overall more purposeful.

  • Offer to Mother Earth, to the Beloved Elements Guardians of Life something that is meaningful to you, think about what would you offer to show up love to your human mom, to your sacred grandmother, to your best lover. I love offering mom, to say thanks, to bless Her: Flowers, Medicine (Beloved Cacao, Sacred Santa Maria), Special Crystals friends. Inka tribes give mom half of the harvest they collect, it is a way of saying thank you for all the Abundance, the Flow of life keeps moving and we trust that you Divine Mother, will keep providing us, as longs as we are also serving You, serving life.

  • Candle, if you chose to offer with Sacred Fire, pick natural candles, remember to work with reverence of life each time, if you are working with Bee candles, remember to bless our elemental love guardians.

  • End a trecena (cycle of 13 days with a purpose, an intention, according to the Mayan Ways) with Sacred Offering is deeply healing, for you, for our Mother. Saying thanks for what you've received, without preference, without judgment, everything is a lesson if you allow yourself to receive the Medicine the moment beholds.

I know how complex can be to expand the spectrum of Trust, specially if you have experience much trauma in your early ages. Cacao is a medicine that will naturally expand your resilience, your capacity to cope with life experiences.

Cacao Spirit is an Amazing and so Powerful Guide to explore the deepness of your soul while supporting you through recovering Trust in life, which is really the Trust you behold for yourself.

A tip for Trust journey: The more you complete what you commit within yourself, the more trust will expand inside. You can pray and work with Ix Cacao on a Tzi-Kin, Aguilita Spirit Guide (To get into my Community Intimate Channel for Mayan Astrology follow here), lighting a slim candle to expand your pray to the heart of the Sky, give thanks for everything you already have. Journal about where did you lost Trust in life, breath as you allow the body memory to reveal details. Aya Pacha recommends you to add to your Cacao: Maca, to Straighten your Roots as from here is where healthy expansion becomes available, Chia to bless the seeds of Life wanting to expand life. This are suggestions that can be applied any time but that have been channeled to be specially auspicious while working with Tzi-Kin.

I hope you enjoy celebrating Sacred Offering with Mom and her Alchemy, earthy: Ix Cacao, and Galactic: Tzi-Kin. Let me know how it unfolded, what did you learned, what you are committed with, within yourself. I would love to hear.