May is an empowered and deeply spiritual woman. She is a citizen of the world with a passion for travels and continuous learning. Her first career makes her a finances master. She also studied a specialization in Cyber Security. Above all, she is our beloved mother devoted to her family. May reflects the universal feminine and masculine energy in equilibrium, her maternal spirit nourishes us with every word and in every touch. She teaches us the respect for life and unconditional acceptance for ourselves and others. Her values have been the seeds that gave birth to Aya Pacha. Her non-negotiable faith is the engine that drives us to believe that anything is possible when you are connected to your heart by trusting in the sacred Force of Great Spirit.

Her greatest legacy is the spirituality with which she walks day by day with the assurance of universal perfection. May is our loving teacher in constant growth and learning, her mind always open to expanding to new experiences and her immense heart full of compassion for everyone who crosses her path.

May respects and embraces natural medicine as a healing blessing that has strengthened her connection with the divinity.