Tzol-Kin, The Sacred Mayan Compass designed by and for The Cacao Wizard

Mayan People are wisdom keepers of Ascension. The Mayan Calendar and Cacao Spirits have a deeply transcendental purpose for Planetary Evolution at this Moment in Time Space.

Aya Pacha

3/21/20224 min read

Tzol~Kin, Sacredness of life, description of a Galactic Poem narrated through the language of symbols and numbers, for the human mind to grasper. A Cosmic map developed by our Ancestors to understand and Co~create with purpose and intention with Divine Source daily

Mayan People are known to be Time Space travelers. Shamanic Civilization with clarity of the Eternal Present Moment Reality. Alchemists of Energy, Mayan are known to be Medicine People that grew and expanded in close communion with Mother Nature, the Elemental Kingdom, while finding connection in between the Heart temple of every dimension.

This is the reason why within Aya Pacha Community, we start a Cacao Ritual or Ceremony calling in, inviting and asking for permission to the sacred Heart Portal in every dimension. Here's an example:

With awareness of my Oneness inside my Heart Temple, I call upon, I invite the One I am:

The Heart of the Sky, Sacred Fire, Father Sun, Taita Inti (Inka language).

The Heart of Sacred Earth, Pacha Mama (Inka language), Divine Mother

The Heart of Divine, so Powerful Wind, Taita Huaira (Inka language)

The Heart of Healing Mother Water, Blessing All bodies of Sacred and Pure Water, Mama Yaku (Inka language)

You are a Creator Being. When you recognize the miracle of life that is creating you, from the Universal Mind, you start to be part of your play, to co-create with something far bigger than the individual being. Mayan Wisdom transmits how this can be done by deepening your path of Self Healing with Ix Cacao Spirit in flow and awareness of Tzol~Kin, The Sacred Constellation Map.

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Tzol~Kin Beauty is divided in 20 energies running in cycles of 13 days. Each energy, also called Nahualt: Spirit Guide, Animal, Protector, Spiritual Partner, carries a frequency, a vibrational tone. Every tone has an influence in what can be created. Everything can be created, any time, but in terms of energy efficiency, you want to create when the Energetics are supporting the birthing process.

Every day beholds a particular Medicine given by the Alchemical Co~creation of all the stars involved. Every One is born with a particular energetic blueprint that uncovers the identify, purpose, talents and challenge of the individual being gifted by the Nahualt, Spirit Guide that is embodied in that body temple. Today, for example, we are starting with the Trecena (13 days cycle) of Noj, Sacred Galactic Messenger is Noj. The priest/priestess of life, the guardian of the Sacred is Noj. That One who seeks the connection from heart to heart, in the name of Love.

Energetic awareness of Galactic and Universal Energies add purpose and intention to existence. Remind us we are never alone, we are supported by higher dimensions of our own Self. Knowing and studying this matter has All the potential of setting us free by us knowing thySelf we embody, without identification, without judgment. Every human, every plant, every star, every living being has a purpose that is important for the Evolution of the Whole, is what Tzol~Kin reminds you.

Aya Pacha Recommendation for Noj Trecena

The tone of Noj create an ideal environment to Sooth your body temple. To Honor Sacred Rest, to Be with yourself, to enjoy silence so that you can connect with Higher dimensions of your own Self.

Noj is a beautiful time to upgrade your Trust in life. Of course, Aya Pacha, Spirit of the Galactic Mother, invites you to do this with Ix Cacao. Sacred Spirit capable to Activate your Soothing System. Cacao stimulus your parasympathetic nervous system. Expanding calm and peace from your inside out.

Every number beholds also a frequency and number 13 means no separation, Oneness, instant inspiration. 1 Noj is born from 13 AjmaK (Yesterday). 13 translates in Ascension, therefore creating 1 Oneness: the beginning of another cycle.

I love to start every trecena with clear intentions of what I am aiming to create, upgrade, evolve through in Galactic Co~creation. My intentions with Noj are very special ones because Noj is the Origin of my Galactic signature. You can book your Galactic Signature Alchemy 1:1 Session with me here. My intention for this One at 2022 is to heal, to keep healing my relationship with the divine Masculine Force inside me, therefore, in the projection that is created outside. I am committed to strengthen my masculine energy force through physical exercise, as well as prioritizing my health overall.

Finally, here is the Alchemy channeled by Aya Pacha for us to make the most of this trecena by aligning your heart temple to Pacha Mama One, in resonance with Noj:

  • 25 to 40g of Ceremonial Cacao Paste, get always curious, where is your medicine coming from? in our case is Beloved and Blessed Ecuador. Please bless your land once you know

  • 1 hand full of Delicious, so Red to strenghten your Roots, Goji Berries, in my case from Tibet, I bless the Heart of Ancient Himalayas keeping the Spiritual Fire for the Awakening Time of the Kundalini of Pacha Mama: The Enlightened continent South America Blessed Mother Land. Plant Medicine expanding in Ascension Times for us to remember Oneness.

  • Cardamom, Clove, Sacred Species to Awaken your Earthy Senses

  • Handful of Pistachos, Green and Healthy to empower your eyes, one of the qualities in which Noj works is the Vision, the medicine of the bird is related to the third eye. When your vision is open and you feel grounded enough in your body, you can take decisions that benefit your higher purpose Always.

  • Mix with intention of Awaken the Sacred recognition of who you are

    You can either enjoy a drinkable mixture with chewable medicinal pieces or blend it to have a very thick Alchemy that will ground you deep inside your heart.

    Enjoy and let our tribe know how you like it. Join our channel and receive the playlist for this and every trecena, to vibe high by programing in Love your flow back to source. Our community shares Medicinal vibes to Alchemize our common divine Planetary purpose: Ascension.