Cacao Balancing treat

Artistic flow for neurons and hormones. A balancing treat made with the medicine of Love



7/4/20232 min read


  1. Hormonal Boost, Smoothy recipe
  • 1 spoon of Maca

  • 1 tsp Amaranth flour

  • 1/2 frozen banana

  • Coconut milk

  • Pieces of Mandarine peel

  • AYA Pacha Cacao, Single Origin from Ecuador

food Medicines:

Add the milk in a pan, heat with low fire intensity add and mix well all ingredients except for the banana. Once all is integrated, let it cool for some minutes, then add it all on the blender with the banana as well. Enjoy nourishing your body, mind and spirit with spiritual and wild medicine.


Elevate your life force with Cacao and Meditation

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Cacao beholds chemical compounds that bring the nervous system into a state of balance. This state is known as a state of relaxation where the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated. The vague nerve releases tension while the heart pumps blood through the organism. Those effects generate an alchemical response where hormones balance themselves through oxytocin, the hormone of love, released through the body.

The energetic effect of this is the opening of the hearth chakra. When your heart chakra is experiencing love, a sensation of openness is caused by the magnetism of the energetic organ. Magnetism allows the natural attraction of your designed heart desires. Kakao is a medicine capable of awakening your ancient light codes by the fractal design originating in the centre of Pacha Mama, therefore, becoming a hearth medicine designed to support you back into your own balance.

This alchemical process can be highly enhanced with meditation. There is not one only way of meditating. There are different ways in which you can calm your mind and relax in your body.

Devotional practices can support you in grounding the heart expansion provoked by Cacao medicine. Journaling, Yoga, and Mantra chanting, are simple practices that can contribute to the integration of expansive moments by the side of Master Plants.

Integration can make the difference between embodying an understanding and the confusion of the message/vision.

Awakening your intuitive mind with oracle cards can also work as a support for integrating medicinal journeys. What you are looking for is to ground the big vision into your body space, connecting your spiritual essence to your body space is what I call integration.

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Integration Practices
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