Imox, Curandera, The Healer

Imox, is She who remember: Pacha Mama as her lover, her sweet company, her supporter, all summarized in the world: Medicine. Imox, the Master of Her own energy by navigating her deepest Darkness to find the Truth from where She will move through life: Pacha Mama is Humanity's Heart temple.

Aya Pacha

3/26/20224 min read

Curandera, Imox, is an amplifier of Goddess Codes, by Galactic Configuration of Energies designed for her Soul Mastery.

Her Soul Mastery, therefore, is one Entangled with the Medicines of the Divine Mother: Pacha Mama. Curandera is here to remind, to awaken in others, The Self-Healer archetype. This happens when she, Curandera, flows in balance, she has found and therefore spreands harmony without restricting or damaging herself in any way. This last statement can become her way of being, in opposite to her own Mastery, when she is not aware of her soul power, when she don´t know know it enough to understand how to handle it. How do Aya Pacha know this?

Well, it is part of her own Mastery. Amaru Kamaya, Co-Founder of Aya Pacha started her remembrance journey in a place of disconnection and distortion about what spirituality is, what money and sexuality truly mean.

In her own words, Amaru Kamayas wild Medicinal Mastery pathways started with her being:

  • Totally disembodied, I didn't know myself, I kept absorbing energies of anyone else, constantly losing myself in the deep connection I have the ability to tap because of my Human Design as a Projector (Common for Imox, Curandera)

  • Feeling small, constantly comparing myself and considering me less than, because that's what my biological parent use to model through me. Humans learn by observing example.

  • Contracting My Galactic Power Shooting down who I always knew I am here to be.

  • Unaware of how to handle the intensity of my Sexual Magic since early age. Confusing creative desire with the Need of physical contact.

  • Disempowered by a religious educational system that engrained Unworthiness programming by grading our development, encouraging competition, punishing girls for literally being themselves. They cut off our bracelets if they found out we were wearing anything not part of the uniform. I wish this is not happening any more.

  • Totally struggling with integrating Money as an Energy Force part of the Oneness that you and I are. I remember that, in the past when I managed to safe little, sometimes bigger, amounts of money I'll experience suddenly losing it, the inability of holding Energy is what I was struggling in many different forms and this, of Course now through my Energy Mastery I know: was Ancestral Programming in my energetic Matrix I took on to release through my Sacred Work.

  • I share more about all this in the intro episodes of Hummingbird Vortex Podcast.

Amaru Kamaya embodies a highly sensitive soul. Her energy blueprint comes from the energetic container of Imox: Curanderas, Light Workers, Medicine Woman. Those with this signature will be constantly challenged to awaken the keys of freedom inside the DNA through Plant Medicine relate.

Spiritual teachers such as Terrance McKenna North American Curandero, Ethno botanic and Mystic, Daniel McQueen North American Curandero and Psychotherapist with Cannabis, Soraya Laseth Argentine Menstrual therapist Curandera with Cannabis for deep feminine ancestral healing, have awaken and therefore can model a healthy Imox Archetype by their remarkable flow through existence. New Earth leaders of our times advocates of Plant Medicines for Evolution purposes refer to these teachers as Spirits planted in Pacha Mama for a reason, a purpose, just like you and any other one. This purpose is Ascension, Remembering Oneness so that Earth can become an active part of the Galactic Federation.

When Imox, Curandera Curandero Archetype is activated within Oneself, she/he will work every day for one and only one purpose: Pacha Mama Ascension. Working for this remembrance is a daily flow moved by Love, by our divine Mother, Pacha Mama Love.

Curandera like no excuses because She wholeheartedly knows, she got a responsibility of leaving a walkable, remarkable and sustainable world, One of Beauty and Wonder for the next to come. Therefore, Imox has no illusory time to lose. She believes, there is nothing more important than spreading the real behind sciences understanding of Plant Medicine Spiritual teachers, Pacha Mama medicines are Goddess Galactic Messengers. When this understanding is not clear, when she has forgotten the importance she embody as a living prayer, then she knows, work needs to be done. If she cannot trust in her direct connection to the heart of the Galaxy as well as the One inside Pacha Mother, then she acknowledge the need of supporting herself as a priority to remember, she is wise, she will not wait until the illusion of Illness, energy stagnation appears for her to act. She works for remembering her transcendence, what is she here for, how can She be on Service for her Mother. As much as needed on a daily basis. This is why Plant Medicine is encoded with Light that will awaken this truth from the inside. This is what a balance Imox upgrading constantly her Self Healing Mastery will be working for and eventually, you know, a master got to teach others to keep expanding.

Some Master Plants will require more support than others to be held, work with and, after Mastery is developed, shared. Everything will depend on oneself commitment and willingness to awaken so that this Self-Commitment naturally reflects on Planetary commitment. As for the Truth is not always a comfortable space to exist for the one that is overcharged with density, the Light can feel too overwhelming, just at first, then, the support of an aligned Imox Master can always be requested to support the Healing to unfold.

Today, this petition can be placed for more efficiency as Imox is blessing the sky with her creative potency. Our suggestion for you at Imox days is to honor the creative process with all the Sacredness involved. Prepare your Cacao, your Creative materials and invoke Imox to play to discover your Self in a new way. You can use our suggested Mayan Pray here to open Sacred Space. Start by asking, Have I find my Curandera Archetype? How does She looks, feels like, how can I feed her in a regular basis for Her to keep expanding in harmony?

Do you have the will power to keep upgrading this connection with your healing journey? Once again, of many other lifetimes on Mother Earth. Then, are you ready to up level your own healer in the name of Love? standing for the Evolution in Pacha Mama? With Herbal Medicines, Flower and Vibrational Essences, Master Plants, if you are looking for ancestral, trained and open hearted guidance for your next upgrade in the endless Spiritual Ways, you may want to book your free 30 min consultation with Amaru Kamaya to explore how she can Mentor your Plant Medicine Spiritual Return, here. She embodies the energy of Kan: Feathered Serpent, through the cycle of Imox: Curandera. Her soul call is the Harmonization of Bodies of Water, Sexual Energy Magic. Amaru Kamaya is passionate about igniting Imox in other Medicine Woman to Be flow, in the name of Love.

Are you looking to connect deeper with your own energy blueprint? book your Alchemical Remembrance here for your 1:1 ~90 min Shamanic Upgrade with your Galactic essence held by our Kan Curandera. She'll use Tzol~Kin, Mayan Compass Sacred Technology, with your time of birth, date and location to determine which is the star you are here to Ascend for.