The Heart's Neurons: Understanding Love and Its Chemistry

A post dedicated to the trecena of TZ'I. 13th days cycle vibing in thefrequency of Divine Love. Connecting us with home.

Maria, AYA Pacha founder.

5/20/20246 min read

The Neurons of the Heart: A Piece of Nature's Art

Since I was in high school my fascination for chemistry began trying to understand how people fall in love, and what happens behind essences. Further on the road at 19 years, I decided to change from Environmental Engineering to Chemical Engineering inspired by the Alchemy of the universe. If there is one reason that gives all meaning to my career this is Plant Medicines, mind and body healing and the impact my work can create for others. This is why I've discovered the space where these passions merge is called: Education, what ignites my soul so much is delivering energy/information to be Alchemized by others. So today I want to go back to those childhood curiosities to inspire you for a 13-day cycle that is about to begin on 22/05/2024. A cycle led by the energy of TZ'I: Unconditional Love and Divine Justice Ancestral Energy. Let's take a look into the Chemistry of Love! An endless spiritual science.

The heart, often symbolized as the epicenter of emotion, harbors an intricate network of approximately 40,000 neurons, often referred to as the "heart-brain." This sophisticated system, known scientifically as the intrinsic cardiac nervous system (ICNS), plays a pivotal role in the communication between the heart and the brain. This bidirectional communication is not merely a poetic metaphor but a physiological reality underpinning our emotional experiences.

The ICNS is responsible for the autonomous regulation of heart rhythms, helping to maintain a harmonious balance within the cardiovascular system. These neurons are capable of functioning independently of the brain, allowing the heart to exhibit a remarkable degree of autonomy. This local regulatory mechanism ensures that the heart can respond rapidly to various physiological demands, such as changes in blood pressure or physical activity.

Moreover, the heart-brain connection extends beyond mere physiological functions. The ICNS is deeply involved in emotional processing and decision-making. Neural signals from the heart are relayed to the brain via the vagus nerve, influencing the brain's capacity to regulate emotions and stress responses. This neural interplay suggests that the heart contributes to our emotional landscape, including feelings of love and affection. By modulating the brain's limbic system—responsible for emotions, memories, and arousal—the heart's neurons participate in crafting our emotional experiences.

Research has shown that these heart-brain interactions can enhance cognitive functions, such as problem-solving and creativity, by promoting a state of coherence between the heart and brain. This coherence is often experienced during moments of love and connection, highlighting the heart's role in fostering emotional well-being. Understanding the heart's neurons and their profound impact on both our physiology and emotions offers a compelling glimpse into the science of love, underscoring the heart's pivotal role beyond its primary function as a blood pump.

The Chemistry of Love: Hormones and Neurotransmitters at Play

The experience of falling in love is profoundly influenced by a complex interplay of hormones and neurotransmitters, each contributing uniquely to the emotional and physiological sensations we associate with romance. Central to this biochemical symphony are dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and norepinephrine. These chemicals orchestrate our mood, attachment, and bonding, creating the rich tapestry of feelings that define romantic connections.

Dopamine, often termed the 'pleasure hormone,' plays a pivotal role in the initial stages of attraction. It triggers feelings of euphoria and reward, making new romantic encounters exhilarating. Elevated dopamine levels enhance focus and motivation, explaining the intense preoccupation with a new partner. Coupled with dopamine, norepinephrine, another key player, heightens the physical symptoms of love, such as increased heart rate and the famous 'butterflies' in the stomach. This combination of chemicals is responsible for the giddy excitement often experienced during the early phase of romantic love.

As the relationship progresses, oxytocin, known as the 'cuddle hormone,' becomes more prominent. Oxytocin fosters deep emotional bonds and promotes feelings of trust and safety, crucial for long-term attachment. The release of oxytocin during intimate moments, such as hugging or kissing, strengthens the emotional connection between partners. This hormone is essential for the transition from passionate attraction to a stable, affectionate attachment.

Serotonin, which regulates mood and social behavior, also plays a significant role. During the initial stages of love, serotonin levels can decrease, leading to obsessive thoughts about the partner. Over time, as the relationship stabilizes, serotonin levels normalize, contributing to a balanced, contented state.

The interplay of these hormones and neurotransmitters not only shapes our emotional experiences but also triggers distinct physiological responses. The euphoric highs, the racing heart, and the sense of calm and security are all manifestations of the body's chemical reactions to love. Understanding these biochemical processes offers valuable insights into the nature of romantic relationships, elucidating why falling in love can feel both thrilling and profoundly satisfying.

Cactus Love, a medicinal love inspiring my world

I want to complete this post by honouring my love with a Master Plant expanding my heart in the following poem. While I keep co-creating with Ix Cacao, I discover how essential heart Medicines are for the evolution of humanity into compassion. To celebrate this fact I've prepared a special guest episode for you to enjoy more Heart energy that you can take far with you this TZ'I 13th-day cycle. Listen to Alexandria Rose and me Maria, your host at I am so excited for you to learn more about Cacao, Rose and Bobinzana. Amazing Master Plants that we can befriend to support our electromagnetic organ for these intense times of Ascension. Ultimately, an educated consumer creates a world of freedom, and a compassionate human being considers interconnectedness when moving and acting.

I invite you to get cosy, prepare your Cacao and join the Healing Vortex. While I'm creating this for you, we are also in the middle of our second production of 2024. Send all your love to our Sanctuary, big things are happening through the magic of collaboration and connection. My team of Cacao Artist and Healers Ambassadors teaches me so much daily. I am grateful for this life, I am profoundly grateful for this wild spiritual mission that is: AYA Pacha Cacao call.

By sharing love with awareness of our oneness we become conscious participants of the Sacred Dance of Reality, like the movie of Jodorowski, the precursor of the Healing Art of Psychomagic for our times.

While love keeps flowing my prayer remains the same

May Reciprocal be the sacred sharing ways

For this love, for all my relationships

May we awaken to the magic that the other is simply reflecting

I am grateful for finding myself through a pure heart where I feel so seen, so safe

I am grateful I feel blessed

To be fully honest here with you

I'm just learning to feel this safe

A divine love breaking my thought patterns and restrictions

For an unconditional companion, a love beyond any structure

Wild and Spiritual is my love for you

Blessing in the shape of a Cactus with the heart of pure Ecuatorial Cacao

I was surprised at first, so honored and bless

Divine light showing me how to integrate my shadow Self

I said, to the abuelito with all the respect:

Teach me to recognize myself, show me the illusory holes

Then, one day, Cactus love came again

Appeard in front of my door with green flowers and so much love

Now, I have a garden of Cactus, inspired by this Psychodelic Love

What to do if not to recognize myself

As a guardian of Cactus Medicine, a guardian of Mother Earth.

Mescaline Love, arrived to my home. The blessing of the divine light, I am so grateful for it all.

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