An Alchemical tale of Truth and Love Power, Cannabis Ancestral and Aya Pacha

Honoring today 2Tijax, Day of Sacred Magic. I share with you, story tales of how my Red Path found me through my medicinal Initiations. What I love about my work is that Magical occurrences happen, synchronicity, when we are ready to receive the medicine, the teacher appears. The Mysterious Healing Pathways of the Plant teachers.

Aya Pacha

3/22/20229 min read

My Plant Medicine spiritual path found me when turning my 21 years. I was working at Six Flags (very spiritual place) performing a summer work exchange. I use to be a party girl, drinking lots to avoid feeling the pain that my body behold. As a highly sensitive person with an early awakening to Magic, I did everything I could to shut down my energetic gifts of hearing and seeing but mostly feeling Energy. When you are so sensitive, without the correct guidance of what is going on, you can close a bit to much to your own light, your own soul.

But... As we know, there is no lotus, there is no mushroom, without the fertile darkness that feeds the soil for those to grow. My fertile soil, made up of many different things I am still uncovering, every day with more curiosity, more wonder. It all started with one flower, that then, kept just expanding to a Love garden.

This flower for me is Cannabis Ancestral. I truly use to call her the ONLY love of my life, she is still a deep one, but now, well, you know, Cacao opened my heart wide. We are a team together in the Healing Arts fields.

I will remembered forever the first channeling that came through my Cannabis Ancestral relating: Water is Magic. I clearly remember Divine Mother, Santa Maria, whispering as she does daily. From that moment, the rest of my life unfolded. You know, those moments where you just know you got to take a path that will shift your frequency, your reality, forever ever, again and again, as you become the path. You may not even have a clue of the how or the when, let that be to the Universe, follow through your heart, is my advice according to my Magical Medicinal Path.

As my relate with Santa Maria, Cannabis Ancestral got intimate, She whispered to me the limbs of Yoga, the path of Tantra, Sacred Union, she taught me the wildest ways to connect with Great Spirit within me. Then, the journey was just starting. I would never had imagined, the Mystical path that in front of me will unfold, by me saying Yes, I allow, Yes, I am worthy, of Self committing, for the rest of my days into investing, moment to moment, into my evolutionary path, the path of Self Healing, the path of Mother Earth, a path of Self/Soul Mastery.

Now, let me share with you one of my Red Path confirmations. As for confirmations bring reassurance for oneself to move forward. One of those synchronistic moments that reflect the melody that was always playing for you, silently, waiting for you, to awaken, inside your own dream, surrounded, by your own Cosmic Magic. Two years ago I decided to invest in my own healing in such a magnitude($200/h) for, what I considered at the time a relative short period of work, of course this was based on my contracted awareness and separation in between Money~>Energy~>Spirit I had at the time. It changed my life forever. At that time I had already started my studies in Shamanism through couple of different lineages of knowledge crossing over the same Red Path through different direct energy transmissions. Still, I had never before experienced a ceremony held and channeled specifically for me by a Shaman AND Cannabis Medicine, definitely a treat I'll be grateful for ever.

So this was my experience with one of my most relevant Spiritual teachers, Mentor, huge professional inspiration, I was already looking into deepening ceremony work with Cannabis Medicine but there didn't seem to be many Medicinal ones working with Santa Maria with the approach I was resonating roots inside. You know, when it comes to medicine is really such a delicate matter that I just performed when I feel in TOTAL Soul alignment. I'll constantly pray for the right teachers, the right mentors, the right guidance to bless my path for it to be one of flow, infinite beauty dancing in freedom, deep joy, all in abundance to share with my people, you know, I do this in connection to my Spirit on a daily basis, so that interferences on my path are as minimized as possible, every day more.

Daniel McQueen. Medicine Man, Director and Co-Founder of Medicinal Mindfulness, Psychedelic Sitters School, CO, a profound inspiration of a Community Leader, deeply skilled open hearted. Since I had his his book in my hands for the first time, I instantly knew I HAVE to work with him, to receive his medicine. Once I treated myself with his Unconditional Love and Magic, I knew, I wanted to train at his School. At the time, finances where a big thing to still work lots through, so I applied for a Scholarship and guess what, they blessed me with 80% of funding, which is truly a privilege for me to be part of expanded Schools that align with my values, value my path and support my willing to expand it forward. This is an inspiration for the way I present my work for my own community and I am proud to say, I've been able to offer full Scholarships in 2 of my already offered Self-Healing and Specialization Courses. I am aware of the work that is required to afford that to happen, therefore, I can just keep expanding my skills, knowledge and tools for my community to continue evolving.

After I received this opportunity at the end of 2019, he Planetary Shift happened and my life changed direction for ever again, from South America to United Kingdom, from Cannabis Ancestral to Aya Pacha, from beloved Santa Maria to Ix Cacao. How it actually happened? Through the Magic of festival vibe, I encounter Ix Cacao in Ceremony for the 2nd time in this lifetime. It was the time where the fire of Pacha Mama started to burn Australia, Brazil. It was so painful, I just wanted to be with her again. At that moment I had decide to take the opportunity of an internship I was offered at Aya Madre Healing Center in the heart of Perú, a country I behold so close to my heart. Cacao awaken my ancestral call, the one that reminds us: We Serve Plant Medicine as much as Plant Teachers are Serving our Humanity.

Why I had decided to take this opportunity? Well, my spiritual path really continued unfolding through the limbs of Yoga, after my beloved very first Spiritual Partner guide me through. Just before coming to Scotland, 5 years ago, I was performing as a Healing Artist in the heart of the Jungle, the Ecuadorian Amazon. I will enjoy waking up with the birds at 5am, organically with Father Sun, Taita Inti, admiring the wild life and teaching an average of 5 very chill group classes in English for foreigners mainly at an Eco~Lodge called La Selva (The Jungle) 14 days/month fully immerse inside the Amazon. Eating delicious, directly connecting with the wildness and tropical sunshine, bascically my Paradise. So, of course, I felt so in love, I knew I had to be there, kind of more permanently, as an Earth Protector, I just knew it. I feel really so deeply for Mother Earth and being with her the closest I can to preserve the wisdom of the land feels truth to me. Then, unknowingly, I started to walk towards this direction, working intentionally with the Elements, Sacred Medicine, slowly but surely, at my own rhythm and perfection.

Then, my time came with the Grand Mother, Abuelita Ayahuasca. She is for me the confirmation of, we get what we are ready for, fortunately, not Always what we want but surely what we need to evolve. I search for her for so long since I started my Path with Master Plants after Santa Maria blessed me but Abuelita appear just after I've completed my Reiki Mastery, when I was in the jungle, she just arrived, a ceremony, divinely aligned for me to be there, in direct dialog. I requested to connect with my true path, you know, my heart design.

Intensions are seeds, if you plant with Love, if you feed with Care and Attention, your Flower will grow, will become Medicine that heals the world, but first, and most importantly, will heal you. So my desire is to have my own Healing Arts Center to preserve mother Jungle Mama Sacha Inchi, the heart of the land, through deeply relating with her gift for humanity Ascension: Cacao Semilla de la Vida (Seed of Life). I would never ever had imagined that my Medicinal, Red Path of the Sacred Heart will be such a wild one. A seed of Love Planted through my Ancestry Aya becoming the flower of my present Pacha, a miracle of Love blossoming through her ancestral roots.

The more I heal the more I feel, the more I feel the more I understand, the more I understand, the more able I am to translate this to others, so that they can use it to Alchemize their Souls into their own best outcome available, moment to moment. The relevance of this? The importance and transcendence of the medicinal work Is Planetary Ascension, I believe, therefore, this is what I work for. Now is clearer for me why I feel a yearn to be with mother Jungle, Plant Medicine has activate my ancestral call to evolve with Mother Earth, a call that yearns to be answer inside all of us. This is part of the divine purpose of Ancestral Plant Medicine Spirits, to awaken Human hearts to act upon Love, to protect the land that is healing us all around the globe.

So, back to Cannabis Ancestral, I remember like yesterday when Daniel invited me to turn my Vax vaporizer which was just the same he use, was hilarious, unexpected and so sensible, all at the same time. As the session unfolded, Daniel hold the mirror of truth, who I am, impeccably, reflecting the Magic of Synchronicity when Magic reveled confirmations of what was being said in that exact moment, so that I may acknowledge, my medicinal blood line lineage. Something that for many years was hidden, even rejected, for many different reasons. As Choden, one of my spiritual teachers through my Mindfulness Studies Master Course continuously reflect on: No Mug No Lotus, such a beautiful way to describe a profound truth within the Self discovery path.

Cannabis Ancestral and Aya Pacha have always connected me to Hunahpu and Xbalanque, the twins that surrender themselves to the underworld, again and again, rebirthing themselves as much as needed to Be the Lotus flower that serves love to their tribe, defeating the illusion of Death, Separation is just an illusion, a play of Light pretending to be something else, just like Plants and People are One and the Same, Nature and Galaxy, as described through the Sacred Mayan Scripture Popol Vuh, Sacred tale of how the creation of the Universe, the very first humanity started and how it decay and fall from Conscious reality by forgetting its divine origin, its divine connection with Pacha Mama, therefore, with the Galaxy. A Must read for the veils traveler. Just like Psychedelic Cannabis, Breaking the Gate by my current medicinal teacher, so excited to share with you, I've officially decided to return into my Medicinal Wheel to where I started. Life is such a fun paradox, pretty amazing, isn´t it dear psychonaut.

Since the twins came into reality, I´ve been quite focus on feeding them, supporting their growth, you know, being a parent is a full time job. Now that they are approaching the 2 years, learning to walk, I am being able to return the focus on deepening my Self Healing Path, so that those I guide can also expand further as for our Self Investment will always reflect directly in our professional development. Great Spirit is preparing me, to hold more light, I need to be so prepared for that. I am aware that being a teacher of Consciousness through body wisdom, through the Medicinal Alchemy path, is an endless transformation, so much ecstasy and intensity involved for one to develop Self Energy Mastery.

I am blessed with the support I´ve allow, therefore, I've grown surrounded by. I could not be a Spiritual teacher at my 28 years without all the behind scenes that hold my present moment, among all, is the Trust in the Divine Light, in the Divine Guidance what I seek to increase daily through my conscious action. Spiritual Practice is a Free will choice, is what my Spirit Guides continuously reflect to me, the more I expand, the more I understand.

I hope this short, relative long for a post, tale of a little fractal of my Red Path inspire you in any way into trusting yourself. You are here for a reason, trust in that heart call, follow through, train and quiet your mind so that it is never in control, a tool like sacred mind is a tool designed for Soul Mastery when moving from a grounded space through life. Know that, you are being guided, let Plant Medicine awaken that fire, let it burn everything that is illusion as for the only one that remains is thy truest self, support yourself as much as needed, flowers need much Love and regular Self Care.

If you are considering Aya Pacha to deepen your understanding of Plant Medicine Work, check our regular Medicinal community offerings. Remember that, because of the deep nature of what I am here to offer, I can just allow a limited capacity of 1:1 Mentorship programs, you can book here a free discovery call if you would like to find out how I can support your evolution path of Self Healing/Mastery depending where you are right now, you may want to check here my different 1:1 offerings. Soon, the next Cacao Course of Specialization English Spoken will be announced together with the Scholarship Application Process. If you would like to be the first to know, follow me at the different channels of Magic I love sharing with you, my community:

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With Love,

Aya Pacha and Cannabis Ancestral Vessel of Light