Fertility becomes Ainy, Sacred Reciprocity, The Abundance of experiencing Life

Aya Pacha

4/7/20218 min read

Sacred Reciprocity is such a relevant concept for many Ancient Spiritual traditions. Inka people it Ainy, "Flow of Life giving and receiving Her Self". For Maya people this sacred Energy Spirit is embodied in ToH, Sacred humor, Heyokah, "The Sacred Clown". We find this understanding in Buddhist tradition too, as Karma and Darma Alchemy.

Ancestral cultures had known that the Universe is design to co-exist in perfect balance. The Universe moves through intrinsic Ainy, still, if the observer, if the dreamer, cannot recognize Ainy with herself she will have difficulty experiencing this balance with life herself. I personally testified the truth of this statement for many years.

If we take a closer look to the Sacred Cholq'ij, more common known as Tzol~Kin, Mayan Wisdom Compass, we can admire the beautiful dance of Abundance and Ainy. Lets observe. Cholq'ij is a sacred and precise technology for navigating energy. You can read a introductory post to this Sacred Galactic Map here. Every day, just like any existence in the Universe, carries an energy frequency, a medicine. The day beholding the frequency/medicine of Abundance is offered by the Spirit Guide Q'Anil, the white rabbit. The next day will follow by the tone of ToH, Sacred Reciprocity. But lets observe a little further back. Before Q'anil we have the frequency of Kej, the Mayan Kiche name for the Deer medicine, the balance of an open heart have the capacity of allowing Abundance through.

A 13 days cycle starts where the 1 lands. Today 14/05/2022 we are dancing with 3 Batz (Monkey Spirit Guide), after 2 Tzi (Dog Spirit Guide), just right after 1 ToH. 13 Sacred days with a vibrational frequency to allow you to release what is not longer serving. A cycle for you to honor, like the Sacred Clown, the masks, the dreams, the roles, that are not fitting your new size Soul any longer.

Kej is the Spirit Guardian of the current Solar cycle that started last 02/2022. Kej comes before Q'Anil, in the Sacred Web. After closely studying Tzol~Kin for 2 years now through daily connection, channeling and my life creation with daily aligned intention, I move through Galactic awareness, I appreciate the profound Beauty and Magic behind Universal Harmony. The mystical Energy dance where every other vibration comes entangled with the previous one. I find mind blowing the spiral of consciousness healing and further expansion that becomes available when remembering and placing Great Spirit in the center of ones life, in the center of our homes, in the middle of our beds, all through our body temples, Great Spirit Mother is the base of life. Then, transcendence happens to us, service happens in response of devotion to something so intimate, so personal, so unique that each one embody in particular gifts. This is the reason why I love sharing astrological awareness with my community, I am aware of how this Ancient Wisdom can become a empowering path of Self Understanding and transcendence. You can join our Community telegram Ascension portal here if you are not there yet.

Kej Spirit Guide reminds humanity that the codes residing inside the heart temple have a purpose, a meaning, an important reason to be for a collective. The question of How to unlock this wisdom, arises as Q'anil the white rabbit jumps into action. The way to understand the heart power, the codes of Success for the Soul, is to honor the deepest and simplest heart desires. When the dreamer allows herself to dream wildly by acting upon the heart joy and desires, Abundance frequency becomes a possibility through celebrating Sacred Reciprocity with oneself. The opposite applies too.

For ancestral cultures such as Inkas, Mayan and Aztecs, Cacao and Corn are consider as deeply Sacred Feminine and Masculine, nurturing and protective vessels of Great Spirit, Universal Creator. This Ancient Spirits are acknowledge as wisdom keepers of the frequency of Abundance expressed in form of Love, Wealth, Success, within tribal living. For these Shamanic cultures both Food Medicines are a must in every home, in this way Abundance will always be invited, celebrated and protected by Great Spirit.

Observing Abundance as a frequency that entangles not just money allows us to observe where are we lacking energy while falling into scarcity or separation illusion. This perception tells us about an holistic wellness that includes mind, body and spirit. Nourishing the Spirit is essential for transcendence.

Shamanism speaks about One only Spirit premating and expanding through matter. When the sacredness of every life expression is acknowledged, co~creation and collaboration becomes available. Oneself is then receptive to learn from the qualities of another living form that has the same sacred essence. This is what we call Ainy, tribal relate becomes available through the concept of: Sacred Reciprocity (Ainy) balance of giving and receiving. Life flourishes in  Abundance without the need of any interference from our side more than the awareness of the sacred flow in every direction, as we receive from Spirits embodied in our Food Medicine we give sacred offering to Great Spirit embodied in every living form. This cannot happen unless we start with oneself.

I discover the truth of this by crossing a doorway into deep awakening and understanding of Sacred Reciprocity and how much I was lacking this celebration with myself. This realization started 5 years ago when I took a decision that changed my life for ever. I took a journey with Abuelita Ayahuasca at my 24years with the intention of finding my life purpose. The answer was not clear at all at first. So much to purge required for me to witness. At the time I was working as a yoga teacher in the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador. After my first encounter with Abuelita Aya everything changed, my life became of service, without even knowing the deep journey inside my Self I was saying yes too. I decided to let Aya Pacha dream into reality. One of the most relevant teachings I keep with me from this intense journey is the relevance of constantly energy release for an ease Shamanic Healing Unfold, specially essential when working with Master Plants as a life path. Essential too for Ainy to flow and never stagnate. ToH is a particular relevant cycle to perform sacred work to release this layers. The technique I enjoy the most sharing for this Self Healing purpose is Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping. You can find a series of short Tapping sessions by Sonya Sofia, creator of The World Tapping Circle. She is a deeply inspiring Healing Artist that pioneers in this empowering technique which lead to energy release by gently tapping in the body meridians. Connecting with her has been life changing. You can find these short explanatory taps here.

The beauty of Mayan wisdom is that everything is described as a Cosmic dance in between Father Heaven and Mother Earth. Every existence is described as a purposeful vessel for Great Spirit to express. Food Medicine, Plant Medicine becomes humanity Spiritual Guides and beloved Friends. The purpose of Aya Pacha is to highlight this connection through Shamanic and Embodiment practices that enhance your intimate Spiritual relationship within yourself. Her Spirit spoke to me touching my heart deeply in 2019 when the fires in the Brazilian Amazon started to be known by the world at large. I had already encounter Ix Cacao 3 years before that but I had never considered working so intimately as I do now with her. I remember to be completely heart broken with the pain I perceived at the time Mother Earth was feeling. Now, I am aware that Pacha Mama, like a Galactic Caterpillar, is transforming, we feel it because we are her cells. Through this metamorphic process, some cells resist, their destiny will be to die and decay with the previous form of the caterpillar. There are also the cells moving in the direction of the new life emerging, those are sure there is something else coming, not sure of how this may look like, they just trust in life, and so the butterfly is, she finally become, for then to fly.

Ix Cacao arrived to sooth my life like a balm directly from one of my Souls homes, Venus. Calming, balancing deeper my nervous system, just when I was ready, just when I needed her the most, to understand the transformation we as a humanity are evolving through. She opened my heart enough to understand how powerful is my prayer, how much goodness can flourish through my gratitude and how deeply I can heal if I chose my Self recognition through Elements of Nature and Ancient technologies designed to awaken my Galactic DNA, therefore, my souls bigger vision, my souls sacred works, my service to the One Universe.

I behold deep gratitude with Ix Cacao for gifting me with one of the most important awakenings of my life. The one into Abundance, Money and Love as One same Energy. For Mayan people this is very clear. This is observed through the exchange of Ix Cacao seeds in the same way we exchange what we name as "the energy of Money" now at days.

Just before the final call of my Medicinal path to Great Spirit landed for me, I used to ignore the celebration of Ainy within me. I used to constantly lose myself in partnership relationships. At the time, I was immerse in the possibility of marring a person that mirrored my parental relationships unbalances to the deepest, in a very covered and subtle way too. I did not know myself enough at the time, I was completely ignorant of what I was doing to myself, for my consciousness at the time it was normal to place on hold my dreams, even to disappear those if preferable for keeping that other one close. The situation is that, when a body has experienced so much trauma, this is what is real and the future is based on this limited perception of reality. When such an amount of trauma is experienced, the heart is closed, we may or may not be aware of this. This creates difficulty to allow the light of the own soul to be present and grounded into body. This is one of the reasons why Ix Cacao can be so healing for treating trauma, this is also why it is so essential to do our energy work, to know ourselves, our deepest wounds so that we can alchemize those into Sacred Offerings, Sacred ToH for our humanity.

I share with you the secret of what I consider to be part of my Success in life. My way of taping into Flow frequencies today and every day. Well, I just never stopped being Myself. Of course I found resistances along the way. When you are an actuarían star that knows is here to support her rising. Resistances are all around the place. Sometimes I had to leave the house, the country I was living because of feeling that my flow was restricted. I come from a family of migrant Hummingbirds. We know we are here to expand love. Nothing can stop us. The whole Galaxy is supporting our sacred family. Surrounding myself with those who believe in me has been key. Some of these are mentors, therapist, my loving community of medicine people I am here to serve. You know, supporting expansion as much as needed is key to arrive to our next available stages of consciousness. Releasing what's not serving, what you are not serving for is key to create space for more that actually is the right fit for you. This is what ToH reminds us.

I am so passionate about the stars. The more I deepen my studies of Astrology the more in Awe I flow every day. Everything is already written in the sacred archetypes of mystery shining in our Sky. Today, 3 Batz, third day of ToH trecena. Sacred Reciprocity, Flow of life, I honour my relationship with ToH, so sacred. ToH is the origin of Noj and Noj is the origin of Kan. Two years ago I found a deeply relevant seed of my origin. I received my first Mayan Constellation reading through who will then become my first Mayan Spiritual teacher, Izaias Mendoza from GuateMaya. The more I flow in galactic awareness the more Magic I am able to admire. During last 01/05/2022, my gregorian birth day celebration, landing on a 3 Tijax day, something deeply sacred occurred. I experienced a Tzi’te (Mayan divination session with Aj'il Spiritual leaders) reading through two Mayan elders, both embodying Kan. You can read more about these sessions with Mayan elders here. When inquiring about Aya Pacha. The elders show success and support in so many ways but also one petition from Mother Earth. Responding to this petition I prayed for the right path to show herself. As a response, Aya Pacha requires me to go to GuateMaya, to honour the guardians of Ix Cacao, Mayam People, who have stand holding the truth of Cacao regardless all the pain that has moved around as a result of colonization and religious distortion. The Magic occured and I’ve been guided to connect to my next Mayan Spiritual teacher, a ToH feminine embodied woman star. Aya Pacha is meant to connect stars that create together the New world.

I keep invoking the stars daily, so that my clarity can move forward to the best outcome for the collective vision we, as conscious dreaming medicine people, behold, this is just one part of the gigantic Web of Love, but when each one takes only her/his part, the whole Web of Love moves forward in Magestic ways.

Happy ToH trecena tribe. I wish you a smooth letting go, a Sacred Offering in divine Grace.