Medicinal, Ancestral, and Organic Cacao from our Blessed Sunshine Ecuador

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”Tasty and rich flavoured Cacao I’ve been having in oat milk, grated it and also used a blender to smooth the drink even more, though it was easy to mix. I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in a ceremony led by Maria for which I drank the ‘Manabi’ cacao. I purchased the ‘Esmeraldas’ one later on. Both have been great gate openers to profound ceremonies, connecting with its medicine and wisdom..”

- Mona UK

I live in Ecuador, and I have tried different brands of chocolate (cocoa) from here. This one is just amazing! I have never tried anything so tasty! It also has a great positive effect on your emotional state, calming you and relaxing. Definitely, a must-try! (You need to prepare it in the correct way, though!).”

- Anton Russia

"Aya Pacha is absolutely amazing, the customer service is extraordinary. The energy that comes from Aya Pacha is phenomenal I honestly couldn't say enough about how great Aya Pacha is as a whole.
Their Instagram page is wonderful and inspiring and their own website is fantastic.
I'd very highly recommend that you shop from here because you honestly couldn't meet nicer."

- Martin Ireland