Suit of scorn

Channeling Love sitting with Cannabis

Nicola - The Breathwork Goddess at Wild Wellness

2/9/20241 min read

My love, take off your suit of scorn

The one into which you were born

It was never yours to carry around

Your whole life it has kept you bound.

I share this poem I wrote after sitting with Cannabis.
Empowering Massive clearing and cord-cutting of my female lineage.

The pain of others, so easy to carry

Taking it to the one you marry

To end up in a bitter fight

Try stay afloat with all your might

Never feeling safe, in permanent fear

Projecting to those you hold so dear

Take off that suit, my tired one

It’s time to be free, you’re free, go run.

So lay down all your scorn and fear

Always know that I am here

From my heart, unconditional love pours

Know that it has always been yours 💜