Cacao, Ancient and Playful

About Cacao. What is Ceremonial grade Cacao paste? what is cocoa instead? Let's dive. A little intro to the Alchemy of Gaia's heart.


Maria Amaru

12/29/20229 min read

Cacao Alchemy

Ix Cacao, a healing flower

Cacao came from the stars, she also comes from the ground. Like the feathered serpent, observe with me. Serpents, snakes, grounded beings knowing the pulse of mother Earth, they move, evolve, unfold, change and perform in mysterious ways. Then, just imagine how powerful this being can become when you give her wings, as a consequence of her ground mastery, now she is ready to fly, back to the Magnetic Sky.

Cacao Cosmology and Ancestry

Along human history, we can appreciate many ancient cultures devoted to studying Cacao as an ancient spirit and medicine. From Mayo Chinchipe in Ecuador, to the whole Inka nation covering what is today Peru too. According to Mayan wisdom, the spirit that has gifted humanity the blessing of Cacao seeds is the Feathered Serpent: KAN, in her Mayan kich'e expression. In those days, here and now, when the children of mother Gaia remembered their cosmic origin. Those times when tribes will sit around the fire to drink what is considered the most precious gift coming from the heart of our mother: a Cacao elixir, while witnessing and learning from the beauty ways, dancing in sacred ways. Venus, reminding us, our healing flower, higher potential, to Be FREE of any conditioning, to allow our true and wild nature to blossom like the Cacao flower.

From precolonial times Cacao is celebrated as a healing master plant from which we could easily live by. I observe with fascination this characteristic among Master Plants. Is amazing how ancient spirits embodied in elements of our mother can behold such an amount of wholeness in one container, capable of healing our wounded humanity in imaginable ways. With Cacao, deeply fun ways.

Feathered flower offered in sacred ceremony to our mother. Sacred reciprocity she reminds me, my daily ritual is to open my heart lovingly for then to share the light with the world.

Cacao is a medicine that is characterised by her multidimensional capacity for heart healing. She reminds us of the fractal nature of everything, the power of intentional living and the joy of heart alignment. Opening our hearts to Magic so that all our systems can receive rainbow Kundalini energy, is what Cacao is capable of. A reminder of the beauty hidden in the bitter flavour, the pain, the darkness, everything has a place within the eternal Universal energy.

Archaeology has revealed, 5000 years ago in Ecuador regions, the culture "Mayo Chinchipe" as one of the Ancient civilizations that celebrated the medicinal blessings of Cacao tree. We can also admire Cacao celebrated on a regular, ritualistic, widely spread basis in Guatemala, Mayan civilization preserving with full success and care, the wisdom for the next generations. For this last culture, Cacao is considered the most precious gift one can offer to mother Gaia. The sacrament of Pacha Mama is for us to nurture our minds and bodies, but especially to nurture our relationship with our own Spirit.

Cacao Nutritional support

Let's observe, one of the characteristics of a Master Plant is that you can easily live by only those. One example of this is Cannabis, my first spiritual teacher. A Master Plant capable of creating textiles, paper, houses, etc. but also capable of nourishing you in your multidimensional being. We observe something similar with Cacao. Every part of the tree has a unique gift for you. It takes Cacao trees around 3 to 5 yrs to give fruits. It depends on many factors, such as the amount of care she receives, the quality of the soil but also the specie of the tree. All these factors will also result in a different Cacao paste. For example, the best quality of Cacao, considering the medicinal properties of the Master Plant, would be one that has almost none of Caffeine. Why? The more Caffeine a Cacao has the less Thiamine it will as well. Both components are inversely proportional to each other.

Now, to work medicinally with Cacao, you need one with loads of Thiamine so that your soothing system is activated rather than your drive system. You want to train your mind to be in the present moment rather than seeking something non~existent.

With regard to the mental and emotional realms. Cacao is the best medicine to balance your hormonal system. Anandamide balances the endocannabinoid system. One that regulates the whole self. metabolism, sleeping disorders, anxiety, hypersensitivity, to mention a few.

Finally, the physical realm, because the truth is that this is the last one to manifest the experience already occurring in the energetic aspects of self. Cacao offers a blessed amount of minerals: Zinc, to support brain health, Magnesium, ideal for supporting blood circulation and relaxation, and Potassium, which supports the fluidity of all cells, as for some examples. Macro and micronutrients are found within Cacao paste. How to work with it can be as simple as mixing water, blessings and songs, she has everything else for you to nurture your being. Still, if you would like to connect with Ix Cacao and the Mayan tradition through ancient recipes that align you to the heart of the galaxy, keep reading until "Resources" to find my Free inspirational guide created just for you.

Medicine Vs normalized addiction to sugar

Cacao Vs Cocoa

The final result will be the Cacao paste ready to open hearts around the globe. Now, after colonization occurred, the Spanish invaders started taking Cacao outside of America to take it to Europe, leaving behind the meaning and deepness of the Ancient Cacao tradition. What is more, Cacao was prohibited to native people with the excuse of being considered a pagan practice. After Cacao was taken outside of the continent an interesting alteration happened. The medicine was separated into cocoa powder and Cacao butter, where all the goodness remains.

For this reason, I observe a deeply distorted intention, therefore consequential unfolding of what now at days is known as chocolate. A product created with the commercial purpose of causing early and normalized addiction to sugar. Observing the compound classification, from a chemical point of view we found it in the same class as cocaine, both being extremely addictive.

Truth be told, when you get curious and start exploring the ingredients of everything you'll find out that sugar is widely spread among the most common and popular elaborated food for human consumption. Maybe is time to get more mindful of the effects of this commonly used compound for your health to start removing what doesn't have a heart rooted intention.

When reading the food ingredients, the predominant will be first. If something has "Sugar" as a first component you can just imagine whats inside, mainly.

Cacao paste is made through the complete grinding of Cacao seeds after removing the husk. The process requires patience, dedication, study and overall devotion. After harvesting Cacao, opening the fruit and extracting the nutritious white pulp that can be: either eaten by humans or lovingly offered back to our mother. Some tribes and communities, including Aya Pacha, fertilize Cacao trees with their own medicinal pulp. Then, the seeds are dried for then to be fermented for some days and then to be slightly roasted, by Fire and hand if following the Ancient ways. After separating the husk from the seed, those are grounded, also by hand according to Mayan wisdom.

My personal journey with the flower of Love

Everything started with hormonal imbalance, body dysmorphia and a great self lack of awareness. Yes, mother Earth healed me deeply, in ways that I describe as healing beauty. My first conscious approach to Cacao was in Ecuador, 5 yrs ago. In the capital where I was born, Quito, I was invited by my medicinal tribe at the time to celebrate heart connection through Cacao ceremony. Was my first time sitting with Cacao in this way, although dark chocolate is popular, of course, in Ecuador, definitely a great ally while I was completing my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering.

In this ceremony held by Rachel, a french medicine woman that found her medicinal path in Ecuador, I felt a deep sense of surrender I had never felt before. This holding sensation created by Ix Cacao Spirit and the community connection allowed me to receive also the medicine of Rap'e (Tabaco grandfather and tree barks) for the first time as well.

Then, Magic happened, I took the decision of accepting a work opportunity to perform as a yoga teacher in the Ecuadorian amazon. Without clear knowingness, my red path, my medicinal journey had started. This event was key for me as I prepared myself to receive the grandmother Ayahuasca in ceremony. I was clear in regards to what I wanted from it: I needed to know my clear and sacred why.. Why am I here, what am I supposed to do in order to support Planetary Ascension? Then, the opportunity aligned to my hearts desire. I was invited to a Cofan ceremony, a tribe from Colombia offering a nocturnal encounter with Aya in one of the power centres of Ecuador: Peguche.

Once in the ceremony the purge was intense. This is quite common for first-timers with Aya, still, one of my other friends attending manage to hold the medicine and work with the Spirit without a purge, within stillness the whole night, almost like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. With Plant Medicines you never really know, in fact, in ceremonies, you never really know what can happen, the reason is that ceremonies are portals of energy that we open for specific purposes. Therefore, the guidance and holding of the space are essential for a successful transformational experience.

After my encounter with Aya, everything shifted so fast. I graduated and decided to travel to Scotland where my parents were based at the time. I started to deepen my shamanic path while studying with Claudia and Mark at The Shamanic Healing Center in Edinburgh as well as volunteering at festivals. Something mystical occurred while working at Shambala, I felt the fires that happened in the Brazillian Amazon. My body was purging the heat excess that mother earth was experiencing. Then, I found the medicine that would become a balm to ground the fire of consciousness awakening all around us. Through a medicine woman from Ecuador: Deya from Cacao Amor, I received my second ceremonial dose of Cacao. I sit with a friend that was volunteering with me. This friend was taking antidepressants at the time, her experience blow my mind. I knew that heart space was a tricky one for my friend but it just took a cup of heart medicine for her to fully land in her heart space.

After this heart-relaxing and opening experience, I knew that Cacao from my homeland: Ecuador, was calling me deeply to share her medicine with others. Then, the adventure began. A mission of reconnection, recognition and deeper healing started, not only for me but for all those around me starting with my closest family. The message was clear and becomes clearer every day. Ecuador is a paradise of Ancestral medicines and Cacao is requesting to be held at the front line, in the center of the altar as well as she holds us in the centre of our hearth.

As a result, I start a deep communion with Cacao medicine, I decided to study with teachers that can support my path with the safe ground of Ancestral Medicine and practices. I start working with Izaias and Izabel, from Guatemala, founders of Lava Love Cacao. This was my first approach to Mayan wisdom. My consciousness had a huge awakening and remembrance with regard to the count of time. For Mayan people, the Sacred Calendar is an essential technology to flow through everyday simplicity and complexity too. Since I received Tzol~kin Sacred Mayan Calendar, my psyche started aligning back, to something more harmonious, something more connected, something more real and whole.

Now, I know the importance of returning to the harmonious ways of love, in order to elevate our experience into the next octave of consciousness available to us, we need to open our hearth. This is a cathartic process, support will soothe the way. Opening the heart is essential if we thrive for a grounded spirituality, that which becomes available through ritual, self~love and devotional practice with oneself. Cacao medicine can highly support this process of deprogramming the old to create new connections in between neurons, cells, individuals and organisms. Ix Cacao renaissance, we are living, such an honour and a privilege to be alive through Ascension times.

Now I know, through my Cacao practice I remembered, the importance of returning to my ancestral roots, to know myself to free thyself. To loosen control and to surrender to love. Is definitely the intention with which I walk my path side by side with the hearth of Pacha Mama, embodied also in the Galactic Mother Aya Pacha. Reminding us, we are: The web, we are the Magic, we are, the weaver.

Overall, Ix Cacao has reminded me to take responsibility, to own my choices. Cacao reminds me, I can always be stunned into my heart if I wish and consciously intend for it. Cacao reminds me, Magic is woven, everywhere I look around.

Cacao Resources

Some Playfyl resources for your medicinal journey. May it be one of pure Magic, like Cacao herself. Enjoy, dear Alchemist.

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