Mayan Celtic Blessing

A ridiculously simple dessert to melt you into the hearth of Gaia Ancestry: Mayan and Celtic taste.


Aya Pacha

4/6/20224 min read

Cacao Magic

Introducing Playful Alchemy

I observe with gratitude and admiration, a Master Plant that reminds us of our wild nature through playful invitation.

Something in life is Earthy Magical when it got these 3 ingredients:

  • Organic luxury, ingredients coming from Gaia Mother

  • Alchemical made, with love and consciousness

  • Intention setting, a blessing, a purposeful intake

    The following recipe, has all of that

I received this recipe through a medicinal experience led by a couple from Argentina. Navigating a herbal cleanse for 77 days, the recipe you're about to learn became my best friend through the process. Delicious, purposeful and so intuitive to follow that I am sure you'll also discover layers of soul remembrance when you go ahead and create this super nutritious dessert preparation. To me, the embodiment of the initiatory element coming from the pumpkin medicine combines in such an elegant way with the rebirthing effect of Cacao medicine.


Hands-on Earth heart

Just 2 ingredients infused in One world. You'll need (For a 5 portions dessert)

  • 103g of Cacao Paste 1o0% pure, you can find Aya Pacha Cacao paste Fino de Aroma from Ecuador HERE

  • 2 Organic Pumpkins, I worked with delicious Scottish multicolour pumpkins (ritual explanation below).

    White to honour the North, our ancestors, and yellow reminds us about father shining upon each one of us unconditionally loving us and fertilizing our mother with the medicine of remembering our cosmic essence. Orange, to empower our creative fertility with the blessing of the Sun.


  • Preheat the oven around the range of 180 to 220 degrees celsius, with deep healing intention, and place your pumpkins inside the oven over a heat-resistant trail. The cooking process will take around 25 min.

Preparing your medicine food with passion and gratitude creates alchemy that nourishes further than just the physical matter.

  • You'll know when your pumpings are ready by using a knife to gently and carefully open the fruit. If it sticks to the knife when you remove it, it still needs some more minutes. Once ready, take the pumpkin out and let it cool for some time so that is easier to handle.

  • In the meantime, melt your Cacao medicine with a "Mary bath" to preserve the Cacao Magic. When the colour of your Cacao is shiny like in this picture you'll be ready to infuse both ancestries.

With patience and care, remove the seeds and skin when opening the pumpkins to infuse them with the Magic of your Unity intention and land Blessing. Better if done with a wooden stick or spoon.

With gratitude for celebrating life within Ascension, our Ancestors celebrate when we remember with respect their ancient ways.

We are cosmic We are Earth We are always Just one and the same.

Obsessed with studying the Stars, Time-Space, Earthy and Galactic Magic, Sustainable living, and higher technologies in regard to architecture and energy efficiency. The middle point, the balance and centre space where realities merge as one precious moment: The Spiral Path, the Red Path, the return back into Gaia hearth.

KawoQ, in Maya-Kiche, the Ancient sound of a pumpkin opening a new chapter. Like the thunder, breaking through realities to allow a new form into being. Midwife of transformation, aspect of Self-designed to become as it transforms, everything at once, sensations all around.

The same initiatory welcome is found in Celtic lands where fairies and elfs find their ways through protecting the fertile landscape. The orange shout of autumn leaves dancing into the ground, revealing, the sensuality of life, just like: The Seed of life, the flower of Love, Ix Cacao, an ancient blessing of almond ancestral lands.

Celtic lands, lands of rebirth and transcendence, after death, all remain. She whispers with the trees, the spiral path of conscious awareness. Celtic and Mayan to me sound like Earth, similar to Sanscrit, where root languages flow in connection with the big-hearted one we find: connection with everything.

The reality of pumpkin ancestral work in Celtic tradition has roots in a Scottish celebration: Samhain, the moment when the veils thin, healing becomes available, Magic, happens as we remember our same origin. Separation reveals its illusion while dancing up possibilities of transcendence through honour and respect for our alike ancestry.

When KawoQ and Ix Cacao are merged into one, Magic becomes a sensual taste that heals multidimensional lands.

Cacao Magic

Suggestion and Conclusion

Start a new cycle (2023 if that is for you) treating yourself with the medicine of mother Earth. See what happens when you place treating yourself well first, every day, of this new cycle. From there, from an over-filling cup, nourish others.

Aya Pacha wishes for you, a magnetic cycle where you remember: you are fully responsible for what you are experiencing. If you don't like what you are observing, work intentionally to change your reality. Work with Plant Medicines, you'll find Alchemy that's capable of shifting worlds, eternally.

Start with this powerful dessert to open your heart to the multidimensional Magic that becomes available when we chose love. When we chose to navigate life with an open heart. Is what Cacao flower inspires in me, is the invitation I say yes to, daily.

As an extra addition to this Alchemical dessert, chose your favourite berries, a symbol of fertility and self-devotion through playful exploration with mother nature, and get creative with fun words and shapes to keep programing your healing creation.

May you be reborn with this healing co-creation with mama nature <3

May you and your ancestors be blessed, sweet creator

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