Relaxing Bleeding

Lavender and Cacao, Sooth into your body while your system reconnects into glory.


Aya Pacha

1/11/20233 min read

Ignited, through Earth power

A soothing and simple herbal Cacao Elixir to support your Womb's surrender into relaxing bleeding.

closeup photo of lavender bedcloseup photo of lavender bed


stainless steel round container with purple flowers
stainless steel round container with purple flowers
person holding dried beansperson holding dried beans
selective focus photography of bee perching on lavender plant
selective focus photography of bee perching on lavender plant
  1. A handful of dry Lavender

  2. A handful of pure Cacao Paste that speaks to your soul

Elixir ingredients:


Optional: Organic and happy Honey to taste


Simply and easily, prepare the lavender infusion as you normally would with any herb:

Apply hot (not boiling) water to the handful of Lavender. Let it sit for some minutes and then strain the flowers, if that bothers you, personally? I love their intense flavour.

chocolate coffee pouring in white mugchocolate coffee pouring in white mug


Then, add your Cacao and mix with loving melting intention of body awareness and relaxation. Optional, you can add your honey medicine as you bless the beautiful work of our brave Gaia bees.

Alchemical Tip: The reason why you don't really want to boil your Water is so that you preserve and receive all the medicinal compounds in both flowers: Lavender and Cacao.

Ancient background and Benefits

After drinking this Relaxing Elixir, you'll feel like this baby, merging with Mother Nature and her Galactic textures.

baby laying on brown wicker basket
baby laying on brown wicker basket


The origin of this recipe comes from the fascinating world of herbal medicine. A supportive ground when it comes to preventive remedies that can nourish you on a daily basis.

Lavender, like Cacao, also an ancient flower admired by medicians and poets.

Blossoming in the western European region but spreading rapidly due to its beauty, fragrance and medicinal effects.

Lavender, from the Latin root "laver", means to clean. Purple flower is admired for her perfume. Although, she is also honoured by medicine people for her psychic protection characteristic as well as the mediumship capacity acting on the third eye.

In ancient Egypt Lavender was present among rituals to honour the death and transcendence of another one.

Observing the chemistry of Lavender, her relaxing and balancing capacities come from linalool and esters. For these reasons, Lavender is an Amazing natural antiseptic, antibiotic and anxiolytic.

On the other hand, Cacao medicine and Lavender also correspond to a Mayan recipe in alignment with a particular day of the Sacred Mayan Calendar. The one belonging to KAT Ancestral Energy, whose totem is the Spider, as described by the elders who could see the faces of the energies.

KAT day is one of community, as you can imagine, due to the Universal Architect medicines:

  • Trust: the ability to trust the invisible

  • Natural Genius: creating sacred geometries organically

  • Elegance of flow: dancing among worlds

Freebie Resources

Because your Cacao flow is our priority. Download a FREE Ancient recipe guide + an inspirational booklet to introduce you to the Magic of the Mayan Calendar with the support of Ix Cacao.


To flow intentionally this 2023...

To intentionally dance this 2023...

A curated playlist on Spotify just for you to dance into relaxation, with Lavender and Ix Cacao.

One of my Moon and bleeding dedicated playlists <3

Last but not least...

Did you enjoy Womb Alchemy?

pregnant woman laying on tub with water and flowerspregnant woman laying on tub with water and flowers

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