Abundance is: your Heart paradise

Creativity, manifestation, conscious creation, as a healing art of Self-discovery.


Maria, AYA Pacha Co~founder

2/22/202310 min read

The seed, the flower, the Abundance of life is Q'ANIL. The possibility of expanding through beauty that heals, from the heart of Pacha Mama expanding. The best day to plant ideas, new beginnings, projects and even to refresh commitments within relationships is 1 Q'ANIL. The first day of a trecena (13th days cycle) recharged with the energy of flourishing.

Q'ANIL is one of the 20 solar energies that flow through the configuration of the Sacred Mayan Calendar. When the number 1 lands beside 1 of the 20 energies, we say that a new trecena has begun. For 13th days we'll be experiencing the energetic influence corresponding to the essence of the energy carrier (solar energy).

The energies coming in each of the following days will be supportive with the essence of the day 1. In this way I like to observe: the first energy of a trecena is the director of the orchestra that will play for the following 13th days. Each following energy will empower the harmony offered by the director of the trecena (13th days cycle).

I find interesting to observe how each cycle corelates with the previous and next. Before Q'ANIL trecena we had Tzi-Kin, the visionary, birds as totem animals. Tzi-Kin has the quality of elevating the observer to see possibilities, which can also lead to chaos and disharmony. The visionary, the one capable of looking in advance the possibilities awaiting for humanity. Spirit of the eagle, the condor, the vision expanding through a deep knowingness to arrive as close as Taita (father) Sun allows. It makes sense to me that first we cleanse deep with IQ trecena for then to connect, through a clean space, with TZI-KIN, the vision, the heart of the divine light ready to be seeded through a conscious desire for then to enable the Abundance of life: Q'ANIL Ancestral Energy (from: 07/03/2023 to 20/02/2023) for then to arrive into our Self Mastery, Mayan describe the Era of Waters as the pending evolutionary task of humanity, the following trecena then will be IMOX: The power, the blessing, the Magic of Sacred bodies of Water, our sexual, creative power.

I've seen the spirit of the eagle, the condor, the message when working with the drum, altered states of consciousness, dancing with intention and plant medicines ceremonies. Calling in sacred space always potentiate the connection, in any way that feels truthful to you.

One gift of eagle medicine, Tzi-Kin Solar energy, has offered me is the magic of praying. I like playing with the way that was passed on to me by Mayan people when studying the medicine of Ix Cacao. Directing my pray to the heart of every direction is something I've introduce in my daily practice:

Ancient Solar Energy of Q'ANIL (According to the Sacred Mayan Calendar)

"Heart of the Sun, enlighten my hearth

Heart of mama Earth, awaken my primal Self

Heart of taita (father) Air be my guide for a clean manifest

Heart of mama Yaku (water/agua) blessed you flow, pure, teach me to flow like you do"

After we open space we are ready to elevate our pray with awareness and presence, with love and respect. Then it is that the heart of every direction opens in abundance to us. This is what Q'ANIL show me every time I approach with trust.

My reason to heal my relationship with Abundance is called: Cacao Ecuatoriana, Medicina Ancestral.

Born in Ecuador, moving around 5 years ago to Scotland happened to me by the grace of a condor and an eagle flying as one. Back in time when I was performing as a yoga teacher, my heart felt a deeper call, an ancestral one. My shadow dance while studying my first career: Chemical Engineering, a visceral call provoked by power plants in order for me to heal my unbalances with the energy of Abundance, health, wealth we are here to embody, Cacao remind us ancestrally. When you drink a medicinal Cacao drink with rooted intention, your heart opens to allow your own truth to speak as your energy rises (Magnesium stimulating blood circulation) and your throat opens to speak with presence that comes from being rooted in the heart of mama Earth.

Back in time and still for those nations that remember (Maya, Inka, Aztec), Cacao is more valuable than gold, a medicine embodying the frequency of Abundance, full of nutrients: Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Protein, Fiber, to mention a very few of the alchemical reasons why working with Cacao has return myself into balance of you and mine organic state: Abundance.

The sacred design given by the stars, we all came with a predisposition, energetic influences that, when we get to align to and harmonize through, the natural consequence will be opening the self to the frequency of Abundance. The state through which mother Earth evolves. Plant Medicine remind me mine, through deep dance with my shadow, my disconnection, first, for then to appreciate the opposite as well.

Is important to mention that by no mean I am saying here that our destiny is determined by the stars, on the contrary. Shamanic Astrology and Shamanism in general are spiritual disciplines inviting us into taking ownership and responsibility of our creative power. While we understand deeper layers from the forces playing through our body temple vessels, we gain awareness of how to co-create our life as a healing dance where we become conscious performers.

My journey with Abundance medicine

Falling in love with my Soul, now I understand. Everything comes in perfect, divine timing"

While growing up I used to repeat: Ecuador is a paradise, we have it all. Still, the difficulty to embody a natural state of being came from an unbalance in my inner fire expression. Reflected by gastritis and hormonal unbalance. It took me some years to understand and integrate a deeper meaning of abundance. Soul fulfillment, to feel aligned like the flower growing towards the sun, simply and naturally.

As I expand my wings back in my native land, to fly as closest as I can to Taita (father) Sun> I feel like the eagle in a connecting mission. Sharing an ancient meaning of Abundance, here in the Ecuador of our Planet. Where you can find the closest point to Taita Inti (Father Sun) in form of a magnificent Volcano: Chimborazo. The Sun kissing our mother Sofia Gaia, enabling us to have abundant wealth. This is how I feel, inspired, every time I eat the food growing close to me, drinking a natural juice directly from the tree holding me.

"Geodesics-turned-mountaineers by necessity, took several years to measure a single stretch of the inter-Andean valley of current-day Ecuador. They sought to discover the true form of the planet. Crossing hills, cliffs, mountains and snow-capped peaks with Orion in view, they could not have been closer to the stars."

Read about the geodesic mission from the best travellers magazine from Ecuador Here.


Roots into the feminine consciousness = Tantra

person holding green leaf on water
person holding green leaf on water

My first master plant was Santa Maria, she lovingly took me into the arms of Yoga, Shakti y Shiva, Reiki, all as one. Back in time, when creating for me was complex, concluding something. I did not know at the time, what Tantra really mean. I was curious and attracted to the idea of relaxing to the deepest because my inner fire was totally unbalanced.

Further on, the Spirit of Cacao arrived, a purpose I called unknowingly of the result. I find it interesting how our bodies seek for the medicine that our deep instinct knows will be beneficial for us. Have you ever seen a dog eating grass. This is how I was while moving through my teens and first university years with dark chocolate. A medicine that will become my ally, great teacher showing me how to embody my human experience.

I was constantly seeking for more, my great teacher: the illusion of separation, illness we call it in western. Now I know, a healer become through necessity.

A necessity of feeling home, a desperate quest for balance, for purpose in life was caused by the different events I went through my life. Like the majority of humanity I was greatly traumatize during my first years of life. I did not grew up knowing how a functional home looked like. My parents separate when I was 5 years old and my mom chose to migrate when I was 7, all in response to her own trauma and life experiences. But then, years and years after a lack of understanding, Plant Medicine brough me home through chemical balance. This is also what the practice of Kaula Tantra Yoga is designed to offer. Relieving the nervous system through deep states of relaxation so that trauma can be released, so that openness can be embraced again and the Self can heal in deeper layers.

When I experienced my first Kaula Tantra Yoga class I was 23 years old and I remembered I came to the school where I am currently deepen my self studies: Durga Tiger School, as an invitation of my partner at the time. This was a session of 3 hours which to me at the time felt excessive and quite uncomfortable. Of course, when you start practicing meditation, silence and stillness, all the trauma your body had storage for years, lifetimes (if you believe in that) starts to surface and that can certainly be a very uncomfortable space to be.

In spite of my deeply resistant experience I also had a profound connection with this school. I decided to enroll for my Menstrual Therapist training happening in this school. Is it the location that called me deeply? Ilalo inactive volcano, where 6 years after that I find myself dreaming awake. Thinking about the power of our creative minds potentiated with intentional living.

I knew I wanted so deeply to study here, a Tantric Yogi Shamanic School of Arts where I am getting to experience heart centered community living, I feel abundant, I feel blessed, I feel aligned by connecting with other likeminded beings learning to dissolve the ego barriers naturally, supported by ancient wisdom and the plants, elements and nature surrounding us.

Let's Observe: Full Moon in Virgo, March 2023

Virgo Mystery School, the second Earth sign preparing the land for the seed of Q'ANIL to be planted, to be nourished.

As we arrive to the half of Pisces Moon Cycle. A time of a great shift of consciousness settle. As a humanity we are closing the Pisces Era as we fully enter into Aquarius time.

The current full moon happening on the 07/03/2023 open a window for organization of your sacred energy resource. A moment to pause and reflect in the different aspects of your life. Where the disharmony comes from?

Important it is to mention that with Lilith, the wounded feminine in Leo, the air can be holding harshness with the past, regret of some of your decisions, blame of circumstances but remember: All those just take your power away. In the opposite, you can make the most of this closing and opening time if you consciously work with the Mayan Calendar. This ancient inheritance from Mayan people remind us the power of intentional living. Our capacity of cocreation with cosmic energies is huge and we can start by simply adding intention to our every day life.

Recommendations and Conclusion

red rose with green leaves
red rose with green leaves

Virgo energy, through Shamanic Astrology lens we observe the archetype of the higher pristess. The possibility of organizing your life, finding harmony and its opposite will be supported. My suggestion for tapping into galactic flow, you can make the most of this closing and opening time if you consciously work with the Mayan Calendar. This ancient inheritance from Mayan people remind us the power of intentional living. Our capacity of cocreation with cosmic energies is huge and we can start by simply adding intention to our every day life. The best way to call in an energy is to let it out. Universal balance will bring it back. Then, if you are feeling lack of purpose, of energy, find it back by offering first, to the fire, to another one. At the end, everything is a reflection of your original self. Not just quantum physics has confirmed already what ancient traditions had taught in different ways: Shamanism, Buddhism, Tantra, to mention a few paths of Self remembrance.

For the next days, for example, try playing around the following basic description of each energy for the next 13th days:

1 Q'ANIL Abundance, flourishing

2 TOH Sacred fire, Sacred offering, |What to release to tap into your natural flow

3 TZI Unconditional Love, Flame of truth, love yourself wildly

4 Batz Creative power, Sacred balance of opposites creates reality

5 Ee Saqbe, empowering Spiritual path to invite and welcome abundance

6Aj Flexibility, Abundance through home, stay with you regardless the result

7 Ix Awakening to your feminine nature through plants, through jaguar love

8 TZi-kin Abundance comes through embodying your vision to be free

9 AjmaQ Ancestors supporting you forward

10 NOJ Channeling wisdom through your crawn

11 Tijax, intense healing day, take it super easy today

12 KawoQ birthing through a feminine womb, we all are

13 AJPU the shiniest light, that which you and I shine inside

If you wish to connect deeper to the Mayan Calendar, as I regularly recommend through the connected I create, you can check the following website HERE.

Last but not least important and sweet. If you are like me, you will be preparing yourself to receive Grandmother full Moon and the bloosoming new trecena with Cacao Medicina Madre Tierra. If this is the case, I got 2 suggestions for you. The first, honoring the Ancient ways, work with Corn and Cacao, both are complementary medicines. Add a spoon or two into your your blessed Water, allow it to cook for couple of minutes and then allow it to cool down for a bit before you place your Cacao, to preserve her medicinal magic. I love it thick! Play around and see how you like it.

Another way of my choice for this time is to make your Cacao in a flowery infusion of Lavender or Saffron. Both calming for your nervous system, honoring the need of order with herbal harmony is my suggestion for you dear wild flower. For you to tap into your own spirituality, from the inside out balancing. Is my wish for you for this unfolding cycle, to tap into your unique medicine to share it wildly just like Ix Cacao does it.